What are OSHA approved safety glasses?

OSHA helps provide the necessary guidelines for safety in the workplace. This can range from putting up signs in hazardous working environments to having a proper plan in place that everyone needs to wear safety equipment, such as OSHA-approved safety glasses or OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses

Yet what is important to note is that OSHA itself does not provide any type of qualification, certification, or standards rating when it comes to safety glasses in general. So there are no OSHA safety glasses, but there are ways to get safety glasses that OSHA would approve of. This, of course, comes from ANSI or American National Standards Institute. They help provide the rating system that turns those safety glasses into OSHA-approved safety glasses. 

So keep in mind that everything that we offer at RX-Safety regarding our safety glasses lineup meets OSHA safety standards when looking to create an OSHA-compliant workplace. We have a variety of options available, and many can easily become OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses. You can also customize and order your prescription lenses directly online through us if you know your prescription. 

Below are some of our huge catalog of safety glasses that meet the proper ANSI standards that help them become OSHA-approved safety glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-20020

The RX-20020 is ANSI Z87-2+ which helps put them in line with what OSHA is looking for in safety glasses. There are integrated side shields that add more protection to the peripherals. 

They are also comfortable due to the rubberized temple bars and lightweight due to their TR-90 Nylon construction. That same material helps them to be extremely durable as well. You can get these in any prescription you need, and since they are rectangular, they are a great option for those looking for frames that fit high prescriptions well. These are available in a clear and blue color. 

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-100

The RX-100 comes in a popular and timeless classic aviator style. In addition, they come in an all-black frame with removable side shields that can help add protection when necessary and be taken off to be used outside of work. These are an excellent example of how some OSHA-approved safety glasses are versatile and seem like regular prescription glasses. 

The key difference, of course, is that the RX-100 has met those necessary industry standards of ANSI Z87-2+, providing proper high-impact, high-velocity impact protection. They are also constructed with stainless steel and have spring hinges that add a layer of comfort for all-day wear.  

Prescription Safety Glasses T9538S

Another excellent option for OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses is the T9538S. These are also rectangular in shape, making them another great choice for higher prescriptions. 

They also have a TR-90 Nylon construction that helps them to stay light and durable for all-day wear. At the same time, the T9538S meets ANSI Z87-2+ safety requirements. These are also another frame with integrated side shields that add additional protective coverage, especially against chemical splashes. When it comes to color options, they are available in black, clear, or brown.

Make sure to check RX Safety’s extensive collection of OSHA approved safety glasses to find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at service@rx-safety.com, or give us a call at +1 866 653 5227.

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