Why use Hi-vis Apparel?

High visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is critical for any construction site. A lot is going on in an especially hazardous environment, and anyone who comes to that job site needs to have high-visibility clothing to ensure proper safety and visibility. There are a lot of rules related to getting the right safety approvals and ratings for hi-vis safety apparel, such as having the right type of fluorescent coloring or retroreflective materials. 

These basically translate to hi-vis clothing being able to be seen in any working condition. So whether it’s adverse weather, a bright working day, or even low light conditions with artificial lighting, high-vis apparel helps heavy equipment operators quickly spot where people are throughout the site. 

RX safety has expanded its offering naturally to include high-vis safety apparel on top of all the other safety equipment and products it offers. To be as comprehensive as possible when offering high-visibility clothing, RX safety’s range of offerings includes jackets, parkas, sweatshirts, belts, vests, and even t-shirts. This helps offer a range of hi-vis safety apparel for various temperatures. 

Let’s look deeper into some of the offerings at RX-Safety for hi-vis apparel. 

Pyramex Safety RJ31 Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

The RJ31 Hi-Vis bomber jacket comes in sizes ranging from small to 5XL and has two color options: Lime or Orange. There’s also a detachable hood to be used in adverse weather conditions. 

In addition, it comes with silver reflective material sized at two inches for additional visibility. The utility of this high-vis apparel comes with the fact that it also has five pockets on the outside and three inside, as well as a chest pocket for communication equipment. The material on the inside is a polar fleece liner to keep warm in, with a polyester outer shell that’s completely waterproof. This model also has an ANSI 107 safety rating. 

Pyramex Safety RVZ21 Hi-Vis Safety Vest

For warmer settings, there’s the RVZ21 Hi-Vis Safety vest. It is an excellent piece of hi-vis safety apparel while also comfortable to wear with its polyester mesh composition. Color options are either in Lime or orange and can be zipped up in the front when needed. Sizing ranges from small to 5XL, with silver reflective material at two inches. There’s a pocket outside and inside, and it’s also possible to get this piece of hi-vis clothing with an additional clear pocket. 

However, if you forgo the clear pocket option, then the vest becomes a self-extinguishing option as a safety feature. In addition, this piece of hi-vis clothing also has ANSI 107 safety ratings. 

Hi-Vis Buckled Safety Belt

This is excellent as a piece of hi-vis apparel on the construction site but the buckled safety belt can also be used as a safety feature for other activities. It’s two inches in width and can be adjusted from 20 inches up to 52 inches, making it a great option for many. The construction is a specialized webbing made of vinyl UV stabilized. Various color options are available, such as lime yellow, orange, neon green, red flat, and blue. 

Where to get Hi-vis Apparel

The best Hi-vis apparel in the market is available here at RX Safety. Make sure to check our collection of apparel to find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at service@rx-safety.com, or give us a call at +1 866 653 5227.

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