Clear Vision on the Court: The Top Prescription Basketball Goggles

Those who actively play sports such as basketball and wear a prescription should always consider getting prescription sports glasses. In fact, with just how agile you typically need to be in basketball, it may even be better to choose basketball goggles over basketball glasses directly.

The first reason comes from how adjustable the fit can be. You want to ensure you can maintain your movements when playing basketball, and you’re looking for basketball dribbling glasses. Basketball goggles will come with an adjustable strap to maximize a tight fit and keep them on during the game.

Then you’re looking for a comfortable material because you don’t want your glasses for basketball pinching your face or being too heavy because it’s made from the wrong materials. The lens material is also key as it has the right balance of being lightweight and durable enough to protect the face and eyes from injury. That means a comfortable fit all day to maximize your clarity and vision without worrying about your sports goggles falling off.

The initial fit is one area to consider when buying a pair of basketball goggles. First, ensure you know your head’s shape and size, so you get one that fits the first time properly, only needing minor adjustments later on. Then you want to factor in your prescription. If it’s a high prescription, then some frames will better hold those goggles that typically come in square or rectangular shapes. Let’s look below, which can all be made as prescription sports glasses directly on our site.

Rec Specs Maxx 21 Goggles

The Maxx 21 has an excellent fitting for children and can come in a small size. It also has a patented assembly that enables higher prescription ranges comfortably. There’s no concern regarding its protection rating as it comes with ASTM F803 industry ratings. Comfort isn’t forgotten with an adjustable strap and a bridge that comes with padding. There are four color styles, either Crimson Red / Black, Bright Blue / Black, Plated Silver, or Shiny Black.

Rec Specs Helmet Spex XL Goggles

The Helmet Spex XL Goggles are large and great for all intensive sports. The adjustable strap helps with proper fitting and has contours around the ears for a comfortable feel. This is on top of the rubber pieces in key areas that help provide padding and comfort.

In addition, your vision won’t be compromised when the heat goes up as there’s venting around the eye rim for air to flow easily. The Spex XL also meets ASTM F803 safety standards. There are five different styles available.

Rec Specs All Pro Goggle XL

These also are meant for a large to extra large head size. The bridge and end pieces are padded for comfort, as is the temple area. These come with a 6-base curve, meaning they are almost completely a wrap-around design for a secure protective fit. 

This is also another excellent option for those that are looking for basketball goggles that can handle higher prescriptions. They also achieve ASTM F803 impact safety ratings and come in a shiny black frame.

Where to get the best prescription basketball goggles

The best prescription basketball goggles are available here at RX Safety. Make sure to check our collection of prescription sports glasses to find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at, or give us a call at +1 866 653 5227.

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