Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Sporty Kid: Top Picks for Active Children

It’s always great to be able to see how dedicated kids can get playing sports. It gets them outside and keeps them active. Yet, at the same time, we need to consider ensuring that they also have the right type of safety equipment. There’s sports safety equipment for a reason, and one area where it should be a must is sports glasses for kids that will help to protect their eyes from injury. 

It’s not just a reduction in eye injuries, but glasses for kids who play sports tend to help with visual clarity as well as increased confidence on the field when they wear this stylish yet protective eyewear. Yet what does one look for as a parent in kids’ glasses for sports? They should have impact resistance and a standard rating of protection. 

They should also have UV protection, especially for outdoor sports. Most importantly, sports glasses for kids need to be comfortable so that they wear them the whole time they’re playing sports. This typically comes from frames that are adjustable for the perfect fit while having comfortable nose pads and temple guards that don’t cause pressure. 

Bolle Sport Field Glasses

These are an excellent pair of sports glasses for kids that are nonprescription. The Bolle Sport Field Glasses come with ANSI Z87+ EN166 and ASTM F803 safety ratings. That protects against high impact and high velocity. These come in a snug wrap-around design and rubberized temples and nose pads for a secure fit, as well as in three styles: crystal and orange, black and blue, or black and red. 

Leader Jam’n RX Sport Goggle

This rectangular frame is perfect for small to extra small faces and for those looking for prescription sports glasses for kids. They come with the right sports protective rating of ASTM F803. 

In addition, they are designed for secure fits and comfort, with their nose pads and temples being rubberized along with a sports strap for the kids’ glasses. You can get these in black, red, silver, or blue.

Leader Prescription Kids Swimming Goggles

For kids who swim, these swimming goggles are another excellent option for prescription sports glasses for kids. They come in five stylish colors: cherry with black, pink, yellow, blue, or black. The eye seals and adjustable straps are hypoallergenic and can be further adjusted with the nose bridge. In addition, the lenses themselves are leakproof.  

Rec Specs Maxx 31 Glasses

For those looking to forgo the frame legs and go straight to an option for sports glasses for kids with an adjustable strap, the Rec Specs Maxx 31 is an excellent option. There’s a size just for kids, which also comes with the ASTM F803 projectile protection ratings. These can come as prescription sports glasses for kids with its eye rim patent that is perfect for a larger range of prescriptions. Color options are Shiny Navy, Silver, Crimson Red, or Black, and all come with a black strap. 

Wiley X Agile

The Wiley X Agile is a great pair of glasses for kids who play sports. They also can be converted into goggles with the adjustable strap. The lenses themselves come with 100% UVA and UVB protection. At the same time, the polycarbonate lenses help to achieve ASTM F803 safety standards for sports. 

They also come with rubberized temples and nose pads to help with fitting and comfort. You can get these kids’ glasses for sports in either matte navy blue, matte black, or gloss red.

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