RX Safety is Now Selling Stoggles Prescription Glasses

In case you weren’t already aware, RX-Safety is thrilled to be an official distributor of Stoggles safety glasses. That also means RX-Safety is able to offer Stoggles prescription glasses as well. Stoggles is a brand that understands the need in the safety glasses industry to bring a sense of style instead of being only safety glasses. Stoggles glasses and Stoggles prescription glasses are able to meld the two worlds together.

The whole strategy behind Stoggles is to always focus on protection as its number one priority but also have style be a priority. Beyond style, Stoggles focuses on comfort for all-day usage and making sure people actually wear the Stoggles safety glasses.

Another key point is that all Stoggles safety glasses, even Stoggles Prescription glasses come with ANSI Z87.1-2020 rated, meaning they have the latest safety standards against high-impact projectiles coming in at high velocity. 

They also have some of the best visibility out there, with their polycarbonate lenses that offer UV protection, blue light blocking and come with an anti-fog coating. All of this is housed in a super lightweight frame to not cause any pressure on the head, neck, or face. 

The key differences between the variety of Stoggles options are their shape, style, and design. They have taken a universal approach to comfort and safety and even have all their frames come with integrated side shields. 

Remember that as the different design options are reviewed, you can directly build your prescription Stoggles online through RX Safety. So you can get them as customized as you need them as long as you know your exact prescription. The options for these Stoggles glasses will be shown directly on our site when you select prescription lenses. 

Stoggles Rectangle Safety Glasses

We offer these rectangular shape frames in eight different translucent color options. These are best for medium-shaped heads and are also a great unisex option. The rectangular shape is a more professional and business-oriented look that’s best for those that have a rounder face, such as a heart-shaped or oval shape. 

Also, for those that want to get these as Stoggles Prescription glasses, they are great for those with higher prescriptions. 

Stoggles Round Safety Glasses

The round option from Stoggles comes in thirteen different colors, meaning there’s definitely a color for everyone. Options range from Pineapple to Brown Fade and Denim, just to name a few. 

The round frames are also best for those with medium-sized heads and great for those with striking features. That means those with sharper angles on their face. This is also considered a unisex option for those seeking a reserved one. 

Stoggles Square Safety Glasses

Another great option with thirteen varieties to choose from are the Stoggles Square Safety Glasses. These are the opposite of the round choice and are meant to help those with softer features and bring sharp angles to the face. It’s a great look on those types of faces and is best for those with medium to small-sized faces.

The many styles of Stoggles Safety Glasses at RX Safety

In conclusion, RX Safety’s collection of Stoggles prescription glasses provides a perfect blend of style and safety, allowing individuals to protect their eyes without compromising on their fashion sense. With a variety of frame options available in different colors, customers can choose the perfect pair that fits their unique style and preferences.

Whether it’s for work or play, Stoggles prescription glasses from RX Safety offer the ultimate solution for eye protection and style. Check out our Stoggles safety glasses collection and find the perfect pair to suit your needs.

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