How to Keep Sports Glasses from Fogging Up

You’re going to sweat when you’re playing sports. It’s the natural order of things when playing sports. That sweat will have your face heat up and produce warm air inside the glasses. When that warm air touches the cold lenses, especially during colder months, your lenses are going to fog up. There are a handful of few things that can be done, including getting a pair of anti-fog glasses for sports.

Anti fog cleaning sprays and wipes

While you’re cleaning your anti-fog glasses for sports, you want to use the right type of cleaning equipment. For example, you can opt for a microfiber anti-fog cloth that can be reused several hundred times and doesn’t require anything more than exhaling on the lenses and wiping away the moisture. Or you can use a cleaner that’s meant to keep moisture off with the anti-fog lens clear spray.

Coating for your lenses

When purchasing many types of sports glasses or sports goggles with RX-Safety, you can also give yourself the option to customize the lenses and add a coat of anti-fog layer to the lenses to help reduce the amount your glasses will fog up.

Venting for proper airflow

On your journey to finding anti-fog sports glasses, you can opt for not only polycarbonate or Trivex lenses that tend to naturally work better at not getting fogged up due to their material components but also get them in frames that also have the lenses vented. Two excellent options that come with vented lens technology are the Bolle Shifter Sunglasses or the Bolle Chronoshield Sunglasses. Both frames also offer a slew of color options and other benefits, such as specialized lenses for anti-glare and more contrast.

Foam gaskets can help as well

Foam gaskets not only add an additional layer of padding but can also be an area that can absorb the heat and sweat so your anti-fog sports glasses won’t fog up either. You want the right-sized foam gaskets and not too big, so consider the Wiley X Air Rage or the Wiley X Gravity.

It can be prescription friendly

Just because you have a prescription doesn’t mean you can’t find top-quality anti-fog prescription sports glasses. For example, you can add anti-fog inserts with your exact prescription to be included in the frames, such as the Bobster Flash Sunglasses. That way, you’re able to see everything clearly, have reduced fogging, and take advantage of some excellent sports-related lenses.

Other items to take into consideration

Even with the highest quality gear and specialized cleaning equipment, it’s also important to keep your sports anti-fog sunglasses in the best condition possible. That means when they aren’t in use, they shouldn’t be lying around randomly but stored in a safe and secure location. Anti-fog glasses for sports and sports goggles should also adhere to a regular cleaning schedule.

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