How to Make Prescription Glasses into Sunglasses

You realize you have the perfect frame that’s extremely comfortable, and you can’t seem to find the same style anywhere else. The only thing that would be great is if they were sunglasses as well. So you want to change your existing lenses into sunglasses, maybe because you’re considering a vacation in a sunny location or relocation.

Perhaps you also found your old pair of glasses that you also adored but had already replaced with your new pair, and now they’re just sitting around, not being used and collecting dust. Or maybe you already had prescription sunglasses, and the lenses simply broke.

Well, you’re in luck, as RX-Safety has a service that can help you get those prescription glasses into sunglasses with a fast turnaround time. That’s because RX-Safety already makes lenses for glasses and can easily do a lens replacement as well.

Where to begin

Process of lens Replacement at RX Safety for new and used frames

The whole journey for your replacement lens starts with filling out the form that you can find here. The form will ask you to select the type of eye lens replacement you want. For example, you can select the sunglasses option directly.

From here, the form expands and takes you to a place where you can select what you want your new lenses to be and describe the frame that you’ll be sending to us. You can customize however much you want, from the thickness of the lenses to the tint of your glass lens replacement. We’re even able to produce a prepaid shipping label for your convenience at a minimal cost that will ensure everything is entered correctly the first time when it comes to shipping.

Once the form is complete and payment is made, you can send us the frames with either your own label or the hassle-free prepaid label. First, of course, we’ll need the frame for the eyeglass lens replacement to size everything perfectly.

Then we begin producing your replacement lens based on the specifications you sent to us, from the color of your new sunglass lenses to the exact prescription. We know you’re anticipating your new prescription sunglasses, so we work quickly and diligently. Then, when they are ready, we send everything back directly to your door so you can start enjoying these new sunglasses for you.

Why not just buy new frames?

Sometimes we find ourselves with the right frames, and we don’t want to have to keep changing them. In fact, you can even use this eye lens replacement service to periodically update your prescriptions with new lenses, even new prescription sunglasses, and always ensure that you have up-to-date vision and the latest when it comes to eyeglass lenses.

We do our best to keep it as simple and hassle-free as possible. Even so, we understand that you still may have questions about the service, so we always recommend that you reach out to our highly experienced staff, which is ready to answer any question related to this lens replacement service.

  1. gretchen wagner says:

    how do i send a curent pair of lenses and make them sunglasss with my perscription

  2. lauren simms says:

    I have been given my grandmother’s prescription glasses and would like to replace the lenses with just lenses for use as sunglasses

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