Simplifying the Process: Getting Prescription Replacement Lenses for Oakley Glasses and Sunglasses Through

Oakley glasses and sunglasses are synonymous with durability and stylish designs. If you’re an Oakley eyewear owner seeking replacement prescription lenses, provides a convenient solution. They offer prescription replacement lenses designed explicitly for Oakley frames. This comprehensive guide will walk you through purchasing prescription replacement lenses for your beloved Oakley glasses and sunglasses via Rest assured that you’ll achieve a seamless and accurate fit for optimal vision and style by following these steps.

Step 1: Obtain Your Prescription

Begin by visiting an optometrist or ophthalmologist to obtain an up-to-date prescription that includes your sphere (SPH), cylinder (CYL), axis, and any additional measurements required for your specific needs, such as pupillary distance (PD). Ensuring the accuracy of your prescription is crucial for obtaining clear and comfortable vision with the replacement lenses from

Step 2: Identify Your Oakley Frame Model

Identify the specific model of your Oakley glasses or sunglasses to ensure Rx-Safety can make replacement prescription lenses. You can find this information inside the temple arm or on the nose bridge. Knowing your frame model is essential as it helps ensure that the prescription replacement lenses are tailored precisely to your Oakley eyewear.

Step 3: Choose as Your Reliable Retailer

For quality and authenticity, it is vital to choose a reliable retailer. is a reputable online optical retailer specializing in prescription lenses. As an authorized dealer, they can access genuine Oakley lens options and will provide accurate lens customization based on your prescription, frame model, and additional preferences.

Step 4: Select Lens Options offers a wide range of lens options to suit your vision and lifestyle requirements. Choose between single-vision lenses for distance, reading, or intermediate vision. They cover you if you need a progressive lens for a seamless transition between focal lengths. Additionally, you can explore durable and impact-resistant lens materials like polycarbonate or Trivex.

Step 5: Customize Lens Features

Enhance your Oakley eyewear experience by customizing your prescription lenses with additional features. provides options such as anti-reflective coatings to reduce glare, UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays, and scratch-resistant coatings for added durability. These features optimize your vision while protecting your investment in Oakley glasses or sunglasses.

Step 6: Provide Prescription and Frame Details

When placing an order through, accurately provide your prescription information and specific Oakley frame details. Follow their instructions for submitting this information, ensuring the lenses are precisely crafted to meet your requirements. By providing the correct information, you’ll receive prescription replacement lenses that fit your Oakley eyewear flawlessly.

Step 7: Review and Confirm Your Order

Before finalizing your purchase with, review the order details carefully. Double-check your prescription information, frame model, and any additional customizations. Confirm that all the details are accurate and aligned with your preferences. This step guarantees you receive the correct prescription replacement lenses for your Oakley glasses or sunglasses.

Step 8: Send Your Frame to Rx-Safety for Lens Installation

Once you have reviewed and confirmed your order with, it’s time to send your Oakley frame to them for lens installation. This step ensures the prescription replacement lenses are expertly installed for a perfect fit. Follow’s instructions for securely packaging and shipping your frame to their facility. Rest assured that their skilled technicians will handle your frame carefully and precisely, ensuring the lenses are seamlessly installed. By entrusting this final step to, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving your Oakley glasses or sunglasses with the new prescription lenses, ready to provide you with optimal vision and style.

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