The Power of Coverage: Why Are Cycling Glasses So Big?

Cycling sunglasses have become big for a reason. Originally cycling glasses tended to have a minimalist look and feel to them. Gradually they shifted towards the more trending option within the cycling community to have cycling glasses that sometimes seem oversized. They have since become a fashion statement and are quite popular within the community, as the large cycling glasses look great, and thus the numerous varieties of different frame options, designs, and lens tints.

These cycling glasses act as a protective frame and shield on the face that’s meant to offer numerous benefits to cyclists. By being a larger size, they can offer improved eye coverage and thus protect the eyes and surrounding area from dirt and debris that could get in, as well as protection from the wind that could cause irritation and distraction.

They are also larger lenses, meaning better peripheral vision for cycling and enhanced protection against UV rays. With better peripheral vision that isn’t obstructed, it helps to improve cyclists’ awareness and safety, as they can understand their surroundings better.

Cycling sunglasses will help to keep the optical clarity and vision the same as cyclists wind up and down their paths. Remember that most cycling sunglasses aren’t going to have polarized lenses because that’s really about glare reduction. What they’re going to have instead is durability and a focus on clear and consistent vision.

Bobster Aero Sunglasses

These are an excellent pair of rimless cycling sunglasses in a matte gray frame with a smoke silver mirror lens option. The lens itself is extremely durable, with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate construction that provides 100% UV protection.

The Aero comes in a wraparound design enabling that total protection and protecting the peripherals. As well as temple bars and a nose piece that’s meant to not have any slippage and keep these cycling sunglasses on.

Bolle C-Shifter Sunglasses

These come in a semi-rimless design, with the frame and temples being made of TR-90 nylon, meaning they are extremely durable and ultra-lightweight. The rim itself helps with ventilation to help keep down fogging and maintain great vision. You’re able to get the C-Shifter in six different color variations based on whatever style you’re looking for.

Any type will get you 100% UV protection, and they will stay on your face the whole time you’re cycling with the nose piece and temple times made of Thermogrip rubber that gets stronger with heat. Again another ideal choice for zipping along on the road.

Nike Trainer

Another wrap-around design that also comes with a secure fit in mind. The Nike Trainer also comes with hinges that are high tension and also a nose bridge that adjusts when needed to keep the fit excellent every time.

The frame construction is made of a nylon material, keeping them light for all-day usage as well. You’re able to get these in a matte gray frame with speed tint lenses. These cycling sunglasses are best sized for those with medium to small head sizes.

Where to get the best cycling glasses?

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