Double Segment
Prescription Bifocal Safety Glasses

In the dynamic world of optical solutions, Double Segment Prescription Bifocal Safety Glasses, colloquially known as “Double D bifocals”, stand out as a revolutionary product designed to cater to the specific needs of professionals in various fields. These safety lenses are not just a mere accessory but a necessity for those requiring precise and clear vision in their line of work.

Understanding the Design
and Functionality

At the heart of Double D bifocals is their unique design, resembling the capital letter ‘D’ positioned at both the top and bottom of the lenses. This innovative arrangement is tailored for individuals, especially tradespeople like electricians, mechanics, and plumbers, who frequently work in constrained spaces. The dual bifocal segments enable them to clearly view objects at different distances – both above and below – without the need to tilt their heads, thus offering a seamless visual experience.

Advantages Over Traditional Lens Options

Double D bifocals, with their innovative and ergonomic design, offer several compelling advantages over traditional lens options. Primarily, their design significantly mitigates neck strain, a common issue with traditional eyewear solutions. In professions where precision and continuous focus are paramount, the need to constantly tilt or turn the head to achieve the correct angle for clear vision can lead to chronic neck discomfort and fatigue. However, the Double D bifocals circumvent this issue by allowing the wearer to merely shift their gaze up or down, ensuring a more comfortable and sustainable work posture.

Moreover, these bifocals enhance work efficiency. The dual segments facilitate a rapid transition between viewing distances, crucial in fast-paced or high-stakes environments. Double D bifocals also provide a broader range of clear vision. Traditional single-segment bifocals and progressive lenses typically offer limited zones of clear vision for different distances, necessitating the user to find the ‘sweet spot’ for each viewing range. This limitation can be particularly challenging in professions requiring a wide field of clear vision at different distances simultaneously. The Double D design effectively addresses this challenge, offering expansive clarity both in the upper and lower fields of vision.

In addition, these bifocals are often more suited for a variety of lighting conditions. Traditional lenses can sometimes present challenges in different lighting scenarios, either too reflective or not providing enough clarity in lower light. The Double D bifocals are designed to adapt more efficiently to varying light conditions, which is invaluable in environments where lighting can be unpredictable and changing.

Ergonomic Design

Reduces neck strain by allowing gaze shifts instead of head tilts.

Work Efficiency

Quick transition between viewing distances without the ‘swim’ effect common in progressive lenses.

Clear Vision

Offers expansive clarity in both upper and lower fields of vision.

Lighting Versatility

Adapts efficiently to different lighting scenarios, providing consistent visual clarity.

When opting for Double D bifocals, the customization process mirrors that of standard lined bifocals. Essential details such as the prescription, additional (ADD) power, and pupillary distance are paramount.

A unique aspect of these lenses is the fixed 14 mm separation between the segments. For segment height, a simple measurement to the bottom eyelid while wearing the glasses suffices, offering a tailored fit to ensure maximum comfort and functionality. Alternatively, a standard setting of 3 mm below the lens center can also be adopted.

These bifocals are highly advantageous for diverse professionals who depend on sharp visual precision for their work. Electricians, for example, benefit greatly as they need a clear view of overhead wiring, while mechanics require focused vision for working on lower components.

Additionally, these glasses aid plumbers in tight spaces, and medical professionals like surgeons and dentists who need to switch focus quickly and accurately. The bifocals ensure safety and boost efficiency across various fields, proving essential for meticulous and demanding jobs.

comparison with Other Bifocal Lens Options



of Vision

Visual Transition


Cosmetic Appearance

double segment bifocal

Two ‘D’ shaped segments at top and bottom.

Clear vision both above and below.

Immediate switch between distances by shifting gaze.

Tradespeople needing clear vision in tight spaces.

Visible segments on the lens.

Lined Bifocal FT-28

Single segment at the bottom, typically 28mm wide.

Clear vision primarily for near tasks below eye level.

Sharp transition between near and far vision.

People needing clear near vision, less for distance.

Visible lines on the lens.

Progressive Bifocal

Gradient increase in power without visible lines.

Smooth transition across different vision ranges.

Gradual, seamless transition without image jump.

People desiring seamless vision without lens lines.

No visible lines, more cosmetically appealing.

In conclusion, Double Segment Prescription Bifocal Safety Glasses, or Double D bifocals, represent a significant advancement in eyewear technology, offering unparalleled benefits in terms of vision clarity, comfort, and work efficiency. They are an essential tool for professionals in demanding fields, providing a solution that meets their unique visual requirements while ensuring safety and durability. As the optical industry continues to evolve, products like these underscore the commitment to meeting the diverse needs of users in various professional settings.

HOW TO ORDER Double Segment Bifocals



RX Safety offers a wide range of safety glasses frames that are available with double segment bifocal lenses. Choose your favorite one.

After choosing the perfect frame, click in ‘select prescription lenses’


select prescription

Inside our prescription form, select Flat Top 28 Double Segment Bifocals as your lens type.

MAKE SURE TO select ‘Double Segment Bifocal’ as youR prescription type


choose LENS color

Select your preferred lens color and choose extra coatings to upgrade your double segment bifocal lenses. We also offer special coatings such as anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective coating (AR) to improve the overall performance of the glasses.

select your preferRED lens color and coatings to upgrade your lenses


add your prescription

It is time to upload or fill your prescription information. Then you’re done! The rest is with us. We will work on your glasses with double segment bifocal lenses and deliver them to your address.

add your prescription information

double segment

Order prescription safety glasses featuring double segment bifocal lenses.


Upgrade your glasses by replacing their lenses with your chosen coatings.

What are Double Segment
Bifocal Lenses?


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