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lined trifocal lenses

At RX Safety, we understand the importance of providing eyewear solutions that cater to diverse visual needs. Trifocal eyeglass lenses stand out as a versatile option, as they are meticulously crafted to accommodate three specific focal points seamlessly. Their design involves incorporating distinct zones for near, intermediate, and distance vision. The upper segment is dedicated to distance vision, the middle segment for intermediate vision, and the lower segment for close-up tasks. This innovative structure ensures that wearers can effortlessly transition between various visual activities.

Functionality: A Clear View Across Distances

Trifocal lenses function as a dynamic solution for individuals requiring clear vision at different distances. The upper segment facilitates sharp distance vision, ideal for activities like driving or watching a movie. The middle segment caters to tasks at arm’s length, such as computer work, while the lower segment ensures clarity for reading or other close-up activities. This trifocal design offers a seamless integration of multiple prescriptions within a single lens.

Distance Vision: The top portion of the lens is optimized for clear distance vision. Whether you’re monitoring machinery, supervising a worksite, or simply enjoying the view, your surroundings will come into focus without any distortion.

Intermediate Vision: In the middle section of the lens, you’ll find the intermediate vision zone. This area is perfect for tasks such as working on a computer, reading a dashboard, or focusing on objects within arm’s reach.

Near Vision: The lower portion of the lens is dedicated to your close-up tasks, ensuring that you can read fine print, examine small details, or perform intricate work with ease.


When considering trifocal lenses, it’s essential to weigh the advantages and limitations. Trifocals provide a distinct advantage by offering a well-defined area for each vision distance. However, some wearers may experience a visible line between segments, which can be a consideration for those seeking a more seamless transition.


trifocal lens Insights

When navigating the realm of multifocal lenses, individuals often find themselves faced with choices like trifocals, bifocals, and progressives. The decision among these options is not only influenced by prescription needs but also by lifestyle, visual preferences, and specific vision requirements. Here, we delve into the unique advantages that trifocal lenses bring to the table, particularly their well-defined advantage for tasks at intermediate distances.

Lifestyle Considerations: Trifocal lenses are well-suited for individuals leading active lifestyles that involve a diverse range of visual activities. Whether it’s working on a computer, engaging in hobbies, or participating in outdoor activities, trifocals seamlessly cater to tasks at intermediate distances.

Visual Preferences: Unlike progressive lenses, which offer a gradual transition, trifocals have fixed focal points. This can be advantageous for individuals who prefer a clear distinction between the various viewing distances.

Specific Vision Requirements: While bifocals may be limited to near and far vision, and progressives may have a wider corridor but a more gradual transition, trifocals strike a balance. This versatility makes them a preferred choice for those with specific vision requirements across a spectrum of distances.


fixed focal points

Trifocals offer fixed focal points, providing clarity for individuals who appreciate a distinct separation between different viewing distances for a focused visual experience.


Adaptable Vision

Trifocals achieve a versatile balance, catering to specific vision needs across various distances. Their adaptability sets them apart, making them a preferred choice for multifocal clarity.


Reduced Neck Strain

Trifocals alleviate neck strain during tasks needing intermediate vision, minimizing the need to tilt the head and ensuring a comfortable and focused visual experience.

Trifocal vs. Progressive Lenses

RX Safety proudly offers a comprehensive collection of prescription glasses to meet your unique requirements. Our diverse range of frame styles and lens options allows you to personalize your eyewear, ensuring that you not only have the perfect prescription but also a design that suits your style.

If trifocal lenses aren’t the ideal solution for you, don’t worry! We offer the flexibility to have single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses fitted into any prescription safety frame of your choice, giving you the ultimate freedom to customize your eyewear to your liking.

lined trifocal lenses


DISTINCT FOCAL ZONES: Trifocal lenses have three distinct focal zones for near, intermediate, and distance vision, making them ideal for individuals with specific prescription needs at these three distances.

CLEAR TRANSITIONS: Trifocals offer clear and abrupt transitions between the focal zones, allowing wearers to easily shift their focus between different distances.


aka progressive lenses


SEAMLESS PROGRESSION: Progressive lenses provide a smooth and seamless progression of prescription strength from the top to the bottom of the lens, eliminating visible lines or transitions.

MULTIFOCAL ADAPTATION: These lenses are versatile for various distances, allowing wearers to see clearly at all focal lengths, including intermediate vision, without the need for separate zones or transitions.




RX Safety offers a wide range of glasses frames that will match perfectly with your trifocal lenses. Choose your favorite one.



select prescription type

Inside our prescription form, you can select your prescription type. This is where you select Trifocal.




Select your preferred lens material and choose extra coatings to upgrade your Trifocal lenses. We also offer special coatings such as anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective coating (AR) to improve the overall performance of the glasses.



add your prescription

It is time to upload or fill your prescription information. Then you’re done! Now, it is with us. We will work on your glasses with Trifocal lenses and deliver them to your address.


Premium Trifocal Lens Solutions


At RX Safety, our commitment to providing unparalleled vision solutions extends to our exceptional trifocal lenses, meticulously crafted from premium materials such as Polycarbonate 1.59, Trivex, and Glass. These materials guarantee not only lasting durability but also an unparalleled level of clarity for your eyewear.

To elevate your eyewear even further, we offer optional coatings that include anti-reflective and scratch-resistant options. These coatings are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your lenses, ensuring a crisp and clear visual experience over time.

In line with our dedication to continuous improvement, we proudly offer a lens replacement service. This service allows you to seamlessly upgrade your glasses to advanced trifocal options, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of visual technology. Whether you’re seeking enhanced reading capabilities or improved intermediate vision, our trifocal lens replacement service provides a tailored solution for an elevated and personalized visual experience.


TRIFOCAL safety glasses

Order ANSI Z87 safety glasses featuring trifocal lenses.

TRIFOCAL lens replacement

Upgrade your glasses by replacing the lenses with advanced trifocal options.


Trifocal lenses from RX Safety offer a sophisticated solution for individuals seeking precision vision at varying distances. Our commitment to quality materials, customization, and customer satisfaction ensures that each pair of trifocal lenses meets the unique needs of our customers.

what are trifocal lenses?


Lined TRIFOCAL lenses


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