Types of prescription lenses – a brief, informative guide

Types of prescription lenses – a brief, informative guide. RX Safety Blog

Shopping for prescription lenses when purchasing glasses online can be a bit complex if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry. In this article we’ll cover various prescription lens types and highlight what they’re best used for, and where you should get them.

So keep reading. Our guide may be just the help you need when considering your eyewear options. 

Types of prescription lenses 

Single Vision Lenses

The most common type of lenses are single vision lenses. These lenses have a single optical prescription correction that distributes evenly across the entire lens. 

Single vision lenses are mostly used for distance prescriptions–you can, however, get them in near or reading prescriptions as well.

Bifocal Lenses

With bifocal lenses, you’re able to see both up close and at a distance. Usually, the top half of the lens is utilized for viewing things that are far away. This can be extremely good for walking or driving. 

The bottom half utilizes a smaller part of the lens and is used for seeing objects that are closer up. There is a line separating these two areas as well. 

When wearing bifocals, your eyes will move between one vision strength to the other when you look up and down.

These lenses are great for those who can’t see long or short distances but have a good intermediate range.

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses, as they cater to multiple focal lengths. This includes distance, reading, and everything in between. 

With progressive lenses, your distance prescription is at the top of the lens. Moving toward the bottom portion of the lens will make that distance nearer. 

Your head position can guide you through different parts of the lens. There is no line in progressive lenses like there is with bifocals. 

Because of the hourglass shape, there’s blurriness around the outer edges of the lens. Since progressive lenses give you a full range, however, more people select them compared to traditional bifocals. 

Where to buy online prescription lenses 

Your eyesight is extremely delicate and you want to make sure you invest in it with care. While it may be tempting to go with cheaper options off the bat, they may cost you in other areas overtime if your prescription is not correct.

When investing in any lens, especially the more complex prescriptions, you want to ensure you go with a reputable brand. Going with a brand you can trust ensures a higher guarantee. 

At RX Safety, we have a multiple of reputable brands that deliver quality lenses. The leading online prescription store for safety and performance eyewear, we’ve gotten it right again and again and ensure quality and safety upfront.

We’re here to help you

Our opticians are friendly and are here to help you as you select your prescription lenses. We can answer any questions you may have about the lenses in the article, or address additional questions surrounding your eyewear. 

So contact us online or give us a call. We’d love to help you find the right prescription lenses for you.

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