Prescription Safety Glasses that Don’t Make Me Look like a Dork

Prescription safety glasses.

They allow you to see clearly no matter what your vision correction needs may be, and they protect your precious eyesight from dust, dirt, chemical splashes, and all manner of nasty objects: glass shards, splinters, shrapnel; you name it, it can get into your eyes and do serious damage. Prescription safety glasses have an absolutely huge upside: for day-to-day use, you can’t find a more crucial and potentially important piece of safety equipment, anywhere, at any cost. The downside: they can make you look like a dork!

Now you don’t have to. The days of bulky, blocky, cumbersome safety glasses that look like they should worn by an astronaut in a Fifties sci-fi drive-in movie are long gone. Modern prescription safety glasses come in many different styles to suit many different tastes, none of them dorky. Here are just some of the safety eyewear styles that look great and can be fitted with lenses customized in your exact prescription:

  • Wraparounds – They’re sleek, sexy, and feature every bit as much “eye appeal” as a modern set of sunglasses. Wraparounds hug your face in direct opposition to the squat, squared-off look of thick-framed eyeglasses. As an added bonus, wraparounds cover your peripheral vision to provide protection from all angles.
  • Plastic Frames – They’re not the nerd glasses you might imagine. Today’s plastic frames feature stylized shapes, ornamentation, vivid colors, and intricate patterns, making them as much a fashion accessory as a piece of safety equipment.
  • Metal Frames – Thin metal frames with silver, pewter, or gold finishes can offer you eye safety in a stylish and sophisticated package. They mimic the look of standard eyeglasses in all of today’s fashions…but feature impact-resistant lenses capable of keeping out the bad stuff.
  • Women’s Frames – Rx Safety carries two of their own models (and several from other manufacturers) that are designed for the feminine mystique. They feature lens and frame shapes typically associated with women and ornamental designs on the temple arms.
  • Rimless Frames – It’s the heavy, chunky look of a thick frame that gives off that dorky vibe. Avoid it completely with the light, open look of rimless glasses. Yes, safety glasses are available in airy rimless styles, using only a portion of the frame to provide proper eye protection.

The next time you’re shopping online, stop by to see all the options available to you in prescription safety eyewear. Now you, too, can enjoy the benefits of non-nerd safety glasses. They do all of the work with none of the dork.

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