Glasses that change color

Glasses can sometimes be very expensive especially after you add many different options.  One great tip to save money on glasses is to purchase a pair of glasses that the lenses change color. These type of lenses are called Transitions.  Here at we offer Transitions in Gray and Brown.  Transitions change from light to dark when exposed to UV light, such as the sun, and change back to light when the UV light is removed.

Check out these: Spy Warren Eyeglasses: They are comfortable prescription glasses fashioned from stainless steel ,handmade acetate and you can get this with transition.

I personally would choose a Transition Gray for the Matte Black/Black Horn and the Matte Navy/Matte Navy Tort. For Transition Brown, I would go with the Matte Gunmetal/Matte Black .

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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