Geek Eyewear is On Trend for Hipsters and Non-Hipsters Alike


Hit up your town’s latest hot spots, and you’re likely to run into food trucks, craft beers, and rooftop bars.  You’ll know you’ve made it to a up-and-coming venue when you see the hipsters hanging around.

Hipsters are typically noticeable in groups because they often rock fedoras, skinny jeans, and Geek Eyewear.  They like to hang out at coffee shops, see local music, and do things that are considered out of the ordinary.

Hipsters have brought back thick-rimmed eyewear, and the masses are starting to follow their trend.  Once seen as ironic, they started as Buddy Holly type frames and moved on to wayfarers in all colors of the rainbow.

Celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez have been seen rocking these duds out on several occasions.  As the trend has grown, even those with 20/20 vision have found that they love sporting these nerdy glasses.

Eyewear companies can cater to all vision types.  If geek glasses are the way you want to go, and you don’t have a medical necessity to wear glasses, have no fear.  You can still get glasses with non-prescription glass in the frames.

These thick-rimmed glasses have become so popular because the simple features add a touch of luxe.  They say “I’m smart and fashionable.”  They are a great accessory that adds structure to an otherwise laid back outfit, or they add prestige when paired with something dressy.

If you’re ready to get geek-chic and find a pair of thick-rimmed glasses that is right for you, please visit our website  We will help you find your hipster match.

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