Release Your Inner Geek!

Release your inner geek with Geek ! According to Vogue, geek chic is the next fashion phenomenon; and for good reason.

“After all, the return of the nerd in fashion reflects the times we live in,” says Monica Kim of “The nerd has infiltrated our lives, from pop culture to work culture—the second coming of Silicon Valley with Mark Zuckerberg, et al.—and now, fashion, too.”

Thick-framed geeky eyewear has infiltrated pop culture, from TV to the red carpet. Not only are these glasses adorable; they are a daily subtle celebration of your favorite fandom. The Harry glasses, for instance, are round wire frames reminiscent of those our favorite wizard wore. A fashion statement halfway between function and cosplay, and they’re cute to boot! Whether you pair them with corduroy bell bottoms and matching vest or long black robes and a brightly-colored scarf, these glasses will keep you looking good… and good looking!

Then we have the Geek Rad09 frames, whose thick boxy shape reflects the eyewear of every incognito super hero’s alter ego since Clark Kent introduced them in 1938. These oversized frames come in a slew of fantastic neon colors, from Hulk green to Superman blue. Use them for reading, driving, binge-watching superhero movies, or just expressing your inner super geek.

These are just two of the many Geek glasses styles that we have in stock today at Rx-Safety. So converse with your inner child, check in with your favorite fandoms, and come find your new alter-ego today!

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