Prescription Safety Glasses: The Perfect Solution for Working Safely and Comfortably

If you work in a factory, on a construction site or in another workplace that requires you to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes, you might go through a struggle on a daily basis. Even though it might seem easy for your coworkers to put on their safety glasses and get to work, things might not be so easy for you if you wear prescription glasses. Luckily, you do have an option that will help keep you safe and comfortable when you’re on the job prescription safety glasses. These are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a pair if you have less-than-perfect vision and work in an industry in which you are expected to wear safety glasses to protect your peepers.

Enjoy Improved Safety

Some people who wear glasses assume that their eyes are already protected by their eyeglasses. Although it might be true that your lenses will offer a tiny bit of protection against things when compared to your non-glasses-wearing peers, this simply is not enough.

Your average pair of prescription glasses are not designed to protect your eyes from flying shrapnel or whatever else you might have to worry about when you’re on the job — they’re designed to help you see, and that is it. If something goes flying at your glasses, the debris could actually break your lenses. Also, chances are good that your regular prescription glasses do not actually provide a seal around your eyes, which means that things could fly underneath or over your glasses and could still cause injury.

Even if you wear your prescription glasses underneath your safety glasses, you are still taking a risk. If you are injured, there’s a chance that your safety glasses could press against your prescription glasses and cause injury.

Some people take the risk of not wearing their glasses at all and only wearing their safety glasses. If you have poor vision, however, this could put you at an increased risk of getting in an accident, so this is not a good solution, either.

Overall, it can be tough to be safe and to keep your eyes protected when you wear glasses, but prescription safety glasses can help. They are designed to conform to government standards for protecting your eyes, so you don’t have to worry about being at an increased risk of getting injured. Plus, you don’t have to wear your regular glasses underneath them, so you’ll be able to see clearly without worrying about an incident that involves your regular prescription glasses, either.

Stay Comfortable

Even if you are currently wearing your prescription glasses underneath your regular safety glasses and feel safe enough, chances are good that you aren’t particularly comfortable. Wearing one pair of glasses can be annoying enough at times, and it can be much worse when you are actually wearing two. You have to worry about your glasses sliding down on your nose underneath your safety glasses and making you uncomfortable, for example, and it can be tough to adjust them when you’re busy working and when they are covered up with your safety glasses. You also have to worry about them fogging up or otherwise being a nuisance.

With prescription safety glasses, you can skip the second pair of glasses and can be as comfortable as possible when you’re at work. That can make a workday a whole lot easier to get through for sure!

As you can see, prescription safety glasses are the perfect choice if you have poor vision but want to be as comfortable and safe as possible on the job. To find out more about ordering a pair, contact us today.

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