Prescription Safety Glasses Non-Conductive

Looking for non-conductive safety glasses?

Prescription Safety Glasses Non-Conductive

Prescription safety glasses that are non-conductive are hard to come by, for two reasons. The first, and probably the more important, is the simple fact that most people looking for non-conductive frames are better off wearing a face shield, especially if they’re looking for arc flash protection. The second is simpler: it’s tough to make safety glasses with no metal parts.

Luckily, there are non-conductive frames out there that can serve the needs of people who require them for special applications such as in fine electronics and specific clean room environments. The style that we offer is the Model OG-250S, which is made entirely out of shatterproof plastic.

If you’re interested in prescription safety glasses that are non-conductive, here’s what you should know about the OG-250S:

  • Non-conductive prescription safety glasses have no metal parts whatsoever.
  • People who need protection from arc flash need more than just prescription safety glasses that are non-conductive. Face shields are typically used in arc flash scenarios.
  • If you are planning on wearing an arc flash face shield, it is a good idea to wear non-conductive prescription safety glasses beneath to ensure that there is as little conductance on your face as possible.
  • Because of its size and lens curvature, the OG-250S can accommodate almost any prescription.
  • The OG-250S is ANSI Z87-approved and has ratcheting temple bars to maximize comfort and fit.

If you need prescription safety glasses that are non-conductive, the OG-250S is a great choice.

Our line of safety eyewear includes many plastic and polycarbonate frame choices, but for non-conductivity, the OG-250S is the best choice. If you are looking specifically for protection from arc flash, we suggest you wear these in addition to an arc-flash approved polycarbonate face shield, preferably with a green IR tint. If you have any questions about this frame or prescription safety glasses, non-conductive ratings, and OSHA ratings, please leave a comment below or give us a call.

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