The Future of Eyeglasses is Exciting and Innovative

A company called Deep Optics is making a type of eyeglasses that automatically focus themselves. While they have spent the last three years building their innovative lenses, it will take some time to get these on the market. You are not able to get these cool eyeglasses yet but in the meantime, there are other exciting lenses that help your vision in ways that are equally innovative such as the transition lens.

In this eyeglass tech article we will take a look at how transition lenses work and why you should find them almost as exciting as self-focusing lenses.

What are Transition Lenses?

Transition lenses are also known as the more technical name, photochromic lenses. Basically, these lenses automatically darken or lighten with the light you are exposed to. It is important to note that Transitions is a brand name and photochromic lenses are also known as variable tint lenses and light-adaptive lenses.

For instance, you are in a store where there is unnatural lighting and step outside into the sun. The transition lenses automatically adjust so that you don’t have to change into prescription sunglasses. No more stepping outside and having to squint because the sun is too bright and no more having to either trade not being able to see well for your regular sunglasses.

The same thing happens when you do the opposite. Let’s say you have been outside working in the yard during the summer. The sun is bright and your lenses are keeping you shaded when you decide to step inside for a cool glass of water. The change in light will reflect on your glasses with these lenses and your glasses will automatically adjust.

How do Transition Eyeglasses Work?

These eyeglasses work in a way that is pretty awesome, much like the invention of the self-focusing eyeglasses of the future. They use molecules to adjust the darkening and lightening feature. The molecules are activated by the sun’s light or ultraviolet (UV) light. What is interesting is that since the ultraviolet light goes through clouds, this type of lens works even when it is cloudy or overcast. Have you ever gotten a sunburn even on a cloudy day? That is the ultraviolet light that is penetrating the clouds even though you don’t notice it.

What you will want to know is that these glasses do not work as well in a vehicle and there is a reason for that. Since windshields block most of the ultraviolet rays, they may not darken in some cases. However, there are technological advancements that have made Transitions lenses to darken somewhat even in a car. To learn about those, you will want to check with your eye doctor to find out which ones are optimal if that is an issue you want to address.

To learn more about how photochromic lenses can change your life, contact us so we can tell you more. We carry a variety of Transitions sunglasses as well as reading glasses.

Of course, we offer plenty of Transitions sunglasses as well so you can leave your sunglasses on when you go inside – whether it’s a store or your home.

The Nike Premier Matte Black with Course Tint Lens are a popular seller from Nike and feature the latest in technology. Of course, they also have Transitions and the Nike Max Lens Technology, which gives you precise angles for perfect viewing.

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