Prescription Safety Glasses: Do Not Be Overwhelmed By The Choices

When it is time for look for a pair of prescription safety glasses, the number of options to choose from and the variety of information to read can be quite overwhelming. We know that you will run into some barriers because the abundance of information can definitely be confusing.

It does not matter if you have to wear the safety glasses for projects that have to be completed on the weekends or if you need to wear them on a daily basis for work projects.

Whether these glasses need to be worn indoors or outdoors, you will be able to find the right prescription for your glasses so you will be able to clearly see everything that is in front of you. You will also be able to feel comfortable while wearing your glasses.

When it comes to a pair of safety glasses, the pair of prescription glasses you choose can make a world of difference. This piece of equipment is a big investment in your safety and in your ability to work.

Since there are so many lens types, so many styles, and so many frames, we know it can be difficult to search online or walk into an eyeglasses store and find the right pair of safety glasses, but there is so much information available to help you.

Prescription Safety Glasses And The Lenses

Typically, the lens material is personally chosen when it comes to the traditional pair of eyeglasses. However, when you choose the lens for your safety glasses, you will want to choose either Trivex or polycarbonate lenses.

There is always the risk of getting hit by something when you are working around heavy equipment and liquids. You can be hit in the eye at any time with a dangerous material. You do not want to be wearing glass lenses because the lenses can shatter, causing more damage to your eye.

Polycarbonate lens and Trivex lens are the standards for industrial lens because they will not shatter and they can withstand any type of impact. The lenses are also light when it comes to weight.

Your Regular Glasses

You may think you can wear your regular glasses and you will have the same type of protection from a pair of safety glasses. However, this is not correct. The frames that are on your regular glasses cannot handle the type of pressure that safety glasses go through.

Safety glasses go through a testing phase to ensure they meet the standards of various job conditions. Your regular glasses can easily break or shatter when hit by something in the workplace. You do not want to suffer from an eye injury because your regular glasses could not withstand the impact of a flying object.

The Wrong Choice

When you choose the wrong pair of prescription safety glasses, your productivity will be impacted, as well as your vision. You need a certain type of protection when you are working, especially if you work in hazardous conditions. You can also choose safety glasses based on the temperatures of the workplace, light conditions, and other factors.

What if you choose safety glasses that do not do a good job of providing clarity in the fog or dimly light areas? It is important to consider the type of job and the work you are doing to the type of safety glasses you are going to need.

It can be difficult to break down everything you need in a pair of prescription safety glasses. You have so many things to consider. How can you possibly know what kind of safety glasses to choose? Contact us today and let us point you in the right direction.

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