Finding the Right Frame Shape for Your Nike Prescription Glasses

If you’ve decided that Nike prescription glasses are the best choice for your eyewear this year, you’ve made a smart decision. However, you’ve probably done that just on brand name recognition alone. Do you really know all the options Nike gives you in their eyewear collection?

It’s a lot more than you probably know, and that makes it all the more exciting in helping you discover what they offer. In addition to numerous frame materials and lens styles, they give you some great fashionable shapes to choose from.

While some shapes are more popular than others, you can easily find something best representing your style for any occasion. Whether you’re using your Nike eyewear for work, or to attend a swanky business conference, you’ll be able to see well while also looking fashionable.

So what kind of lens shape do you need from Nike? Here at Rx-Safety, we have every shape available at prices you can’t find from many other places online.

Rectangular Lens Shapes

Not surprisingly, rectangular lens shapes for Nike prescription glasses are the most popular. They’ve produced well over a hundred different rectangular-shaped glasses, and it’s because it’s the best suited style for most occasions. It’s not to say it’s the only option, but it’s a great choice if you want to stick to the basics in eyewear aesthetics.

No matter which kind of glasses you get in this shape, you’re still going to have many unique features only Nike brings you. On many rectangular frames, you’ll get dual injected rubber temple sleeves for more comfortable fits.

Using Flexon memory metal besides, durability is a given. If your glasses happen to fall off and drop on the ground or floor while you work, these won’t break like other brands might.

Some even have snap-in nose pads for the ultimate comfort over any nose shape.

Oval-Shaped Lenses

The second most popular lens shape from Nike is oval, which might surprise you if you’ve never owned glasses like this. They’re very stylish and bring a more contemporary look while still adhering to some classic styles from the past.

Nike designs a few specifically for women, using the best quality materials and bringing promised durability. Whether you prefer plastic lenses or want stronger titanium material, each frame is still lightweight and feels like you aren’t even wearing eyewear.

You may prefer a pair that looks a little more sporty if you need prescription glasses while playing sports. As we all know, Nike provides the best eyewear for athletes, and their oval-shaped glasses give you the best of everything, including surgical stainless steel for true strength.

Rounded Frames

Despite round frames being more traditional, Nike adds little nuances to make them look contemporary. Along with spring hinges and an occipital fit temple design, you get some notable style designs in the frames.

In other models, you’ll find sporty frame colors to make a stylistic impression at business events or for personal use.

Other Frame Shapes

For those of you who love square-shaped lenses, Nike has some available to make you look more businesslike. Aviator styles are available as well and come in some fun frame styles with a mix of different colors.

Maybe you want to stand apart from the crowd and go with something unique. The wayfarer style and shape at Nike is one-of-a-kind and again comes in various sporty colors to help you stand out in a crowd.

Contact us at Rx-Safety to see our entire inventory of Nike prescription glasses so we can fit you with the right shape at a discount price.

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