Eyewear for Flat Nose Bridges: Rising Trend for 2019 Men’s Eyewear

Every face is different, so every glasses fitting should be different as well. We all have a different combination of features, from ear size to cheekbone height which influences how we wear glasses and what our eyewear needs to provide for. Of course, what is available in stores is often heavily influenced by the latest trends. When wide, round glasses are in, men with longer faces benefit the most while the popularity of tidy rectangles are more flattering to round faces.

Some people have particularly wide or narrow heads, requiring glasses frames of a certain width or earpiece adjustments. Others deal with by unusually long eyelashes, which are easier to deal with when down-the-nose glasses are in style. However, there is one quite prevalent facial feature is about to see a revolution in comfortable and flattering eyewear: flat nose bridges.

Wearing Glasses with a Flat Nose Bridge

Many people with wide, flat noses including a large portion of the Asian and African American communities, have a challenging time finding glasses frames that are both flattering and comfortable. American glasses trends, in particular, tend to assume the wearer has a high and/or sharp nose bridge capable of holding the glasses up above the cheek bones at a reasonable distance from your eyes. However, these designs will slide down a flat nose bridge, resting too far down the nose and often allow the frames to rest distractingly on your cheekbones.

For anyone who has found themselves trying frame after frame with unsuitable bridges, in the past you have had two potential solutions: metal frames with adjustable nose pieces and the occasional pair of plastic frames that fits correctly. However, with the approach of 2019, glasses made specifically for flat nose bridges are rising in popularity.

Metal Frames and Adjustable Nose Pieces

When it comes to finding glasses that work well with the shape of your nose, the biggest problems will stem from plastic frames with immovable, and pre-molded nosepieces. The usual flaw assumes that you want the top of your nose to serve as the primary location of support, Metal and wire-frame glasses, on the other hand, never assume you want a thin metal bar sitting across the top of your nose and use adjustable nose pads instead. When configured correctly, these pads will hold the glasses comfortably up off your nose using the surface available and often are set on small hinges, allowing the angle of the nose-pads to conform to the shape of your nose. Metal frame glasses tend to be classic and minimalist, but may not be your style.

Plastic Frames with the Right Shape

For those that adore the thicker and more versatile appearance of plastic frames, there are several shapes and solutions to the classic wide-bridge conundrum. The width of the top bar/bridge will matter in making room for your nose, but your main goal is to find frames with supportive nosepieces, transferring the pressure from the top of your nose to the upper-sides. However, these are often few and far between and might pinch anyway if the shape of the lenses on either side of the bridge aren’t cooperative. The good news is that there’s something better.

The Rise of Eyewear for Flat Bridges

Fortunately for everyone with a wider style of nose, eyewear fashionistas and glasses manufacturers alike have begun to acknowledge the large percentage of glasses wearers in the western world who are woefully underserved by previously popular styles. They are mostly taking their inspiration from glasses designs from much further east, often known as ‘Asian Fit’ frames, which are made to accommodate flat bridges, wider temples, and high cheekbones commonly seen in people of Asian descent, but are also useful for anyone who has faced the sliding-glasses problem. While these designs have been available in other parts of the world for decades, here in the states the popularity of frames made for wide nose bridges is only just now catching fire. Soon enough, it will become much easier for men and women with wider noses to find comfortable and flattering eyewear without trying out a dozen different frames first.

The Styles to Expect

Glasses made for wide nose bridges don’t necessarily follow any one or two rules on the styles that will sport them. In fact, it’s more a technique on how to shape the nose piece and pads rather than any particular style That said, there are some basic rules. For instance, no pair of glasses made for a wide nose will have lenses that scoop inward after the bridge so your nose won’t get pinched. These styles often tend toward rectangular lenses but this isn’t a rule, there are plenty of round lenses as well. You are also more likely to find glasses for flat nose bridges with wider-set temples to suit the particular asian-fit configuration meaning these glasses will tend to flare out at the top bar.

You don’t have to live another year with uncomfortable frames that slide down your nose, pinch your nostrils, or wiggle every time you smile. By taking advantage of this upcoming 2019 eyewear trend, you’ll finally be able to quickly and easily find a pair of comfortable, well-positioned frames that flatter your face and sit properly on your nose. Whether you’ll choose tidy rectangles, flaring ovals, or something totally funky, 2019 is your year for enjoyable eyewear. For more information about men’s eyewear trends in 2019, contact us today!

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