What Are The Best Prescription Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses and goggles are designed with a variety of safety ratings to meet your needs for being shatterproof, fog resistant, glare-resistant, dust, sweat, and particle-proof, and more. Whether they are required for work or a precaution you take for a hobby or extracurricular activity—they drastically reduce your odds of eye injury. Not to worry if you have impaired vision as you can order protective eyewear with a prescription. Here are some of the best prescription safety glasses on the market today, all of which are available without a prescription too.

Multi-Use Safety Goggles

Let’s first begin with a traditional arm-free goggle. The JY7 Goggles fit snug to your face and head with a comfort-fit foam gasket, adjustable nose bridge, and adjustable head strap. They are ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved, meaning they protect your eyes from blunt impact, splash, dust, and optical radiation. Goggles are ideal when you are in an environment where projectiles or physical impact are present from multiple directions, when there is an increased risk of impact, or a high level of physical activity. This makes these goggles perfect for riding your motorcycle, playing sports, wearing under athletic helmets, or when welding or working with liquid chemicals.

Infrared Welding Safety Glasses

If you weld or work with high-intensity light on a regular basis you want to use safety glasses that will protect your eyes from exposure. The RX-17004 delivers allowing you to choose from IR exposure levels of 2 through 9. What makes this IR protective eyewear unique is that they have a flip-up lens so that you can quickly and easily pop the lenses up when you need to adjust to full vision. Yes, you could slide them up to your head, but since they are designed to block light, they fit tight to your face—so aren’t as comfortable to wear on top of your head. With adjustable arm bars that extend and pivot you can wear these glasses all day long with comfort. In addition to providing IR protection, the RX-17004 meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards.

The Ultimate In Dust Proof Protective Eyewear

Goggles provide the ultimate in protecting your eyes from dust, but goggles aren’t your only option. The RX-206 is a sleek and cool, slim-fitting glass designed to have a bit more style than standard protective eyewear. They come in 3 fun colors, including black with a smoke grey lens—making them perfect for wearing outside on sunny days. They wrap around your head and have wide sides to prevent particles from passing through and have a built-in dust dam to prevent sweat and debris from falling into your eyes. The dust dam and comfort-fit nose pads are removable and replaceable. This design is ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved.

Wrap-Around Glasses For Riding Or Working With Your Head Down

If you cycle, mountain bike, or ride motorcycles safety glasses will protect your eyes from wind and debris—as well as providing you with impact protection. Look for protective eyewear that has a wrap-around lens designed to increase your peripheral vision—and the RX-201 delivers. While riding is the most popular option for this lightweight and sporty design, the wrap-around style fits wide to your eyes but tight on your head making these an option for work that requires you to have your head down without losing your glasses. That being said, gravity is a powerful force so consider adding a head strap or consider the pair below. This pair comes in 3 different colors and is ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved.

Wrap-Around Safety Glasses With A Strap

If you want the function of a goggle without a full-on goggle these are the glasses for you. The RX-901-B delivers the wide, wrap-around peripheral vision you need for riding but comes with a removable head strap—to keep them snug when needed. With a padded inner foam that lines all sides of the lenses, wind, sweat, and debris are blocked. Designed with riding in mind these are ideal for multiple industrial applications where safety glasses are suggested. The strap also makes it easy to pop these off and wear around your neck when you only require safety glasses for some of the work you do. This pair is ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved.

Lighted Safety Glasses

There is an impressive range of headlights to choose from but with this pair of glasses, you can forgo bulky headlights in most cases. The Panther Lightspecs™ Vindicator LED Lighted Safety Glasses wrap-around and have one light in each of the temples. Light placement is key, as they provide bright, targeted, hands-free LED light—without shining in your eyes. The options for these glasses are endless including anywhere you are working with low or poor lighting, craft projects with small elements, completing work during a power outage, inspection work, installing appliances, lighting while working under the car, and endless applications for electricians, plumbers, and other industrial workers. Replaceable batteries are included and will provide more than 32 Lumens of light for up to 50 hours. This pair of prescription safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 approved.

Metal Frame Safety Glasses

If you require safety glasses but prefer a metal frame that looks more like traditional eyewear consider the Wolverine W041 glasses. Available in brown and gunmetal, they look just like a standard wireframe glass, but the lenses are ANSI Z87.2 approved. This pair has limited applications as they do not protect your eyes from the top or sides. For a contemporary metal frame with side shields consider the RX-180. These are available in copper and gun metal and have removable side shields for when you are performing work that requires a bit of extra protection. The RX-180 are ANSI Z87.1-203 approved.

Semi-Rimless Safety Glasses

The RX-691 safety glasses are a semi-rimless safety glass perfect for sports and other activities where your primary goal is to protect your eyes from impact. The nose and arms are rubberized which provides comfort and helps to keep them close to your head. Depending on your sport or activity you may want to wear them with a head strap. This pair comes in black and copper, and unlike most safety glasses which are designed in larger styles for men—this pair can fit the ladies too. The RX-691 is ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved.

Prescription Safety Glasses For The Ladies

It’s just a matter of fact but almost all safety glasses are designed to fit men, but don’t worry there are plenty of protective eyewear options for ladies too. While some of the styles above are unisex, styles designed specifically for ladies are often available in a larger variety of colors—and sometimes with a few decorative embellishments. Don’t let the everyday styles fool you as each pair comes with a certified safety rating. The link above shows a diverse range of options, but let’s talk a bit about the RX-8483. This pair is available in a high gloss green or black. They have a wrap-around design for increased peripheral vision and semi-peripheral protection, and are ANSI Z87 approved. For a sporty but feminine safety glass with built-in side shields, consider the OnGuard 220S. This pair comes in clear, and four fun color combinations—and are ANSI Z87 approved.

If you need prescription or non-prescription safety glasses this list delivers. Select your protective eyewear first by the minimum safety rating you require, then consider the features, functionality, design style, and colors. Here’s to protecting your vision while at work and play!

  1. Stephen Ryan says:

    I really like Gateway glasses esp for the tinting that’s on them. I use them for sun glasses, specifically, bc they fit over both pairs of my regular glasses that I have to wear when driving. These safety glasses fit extremely nice and tight over my glasses, and the ventilation slits on the sides help the air flow freely avoiding the condensation to take away your field of vision.

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