Can I Make My Ray-Ban Sunglasses Prescription?

Can-I-customize-my-Ray-Ban -sunglasses-with-prescription-lenses?

Ray-Ban was founded in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb. Now Italian-owned, Ray-Bans are still the founding father of the American classic Aviator sunglasses, as well as the American classic Wayfarer sunglasses. While not the first eyewear or sunglass brand, Ray-Bans was the first to find the right frame and lens tint to make sunglasses a mainstream fashion essentials for the everyday person—not just movie stars. Now available in an endless variety of styles for men, women, and children, as both sunglasses and traditional prescription eyewear. And yes, you can order Ray-Bans with prescription lenses, or replace your clear or tinted lenses with prescription lenses.

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Can I Make My Ray-Ban Sunglasses Prescription?

Yes, whether they are vintage, brand new, or anything in between you can add prescription lenses to your Ray-Ban sunglasses. You have a couple of different options. You can order brand new Ray-Bans with a prescription online or in an eyewear shop. This is your most expensive option. Your second option is to purchase the sunglasses you want and send them into RX-Safety for lens replacement. Or add prescription sunglass lenses to any frame you like.

How Does Lens Replacement Work?

The lens replacement process is fast and easy. Any lens for any brand or style of frame can be replaced. The only requirement is that the frame is in good condition. If your lens is cracked or broken, or your frame is damaged, you can pop into a local eyewear store to inquire if the frame is still sound. Also, to make minor adjustments. If your frame is not sound lenses cannot be added or replaced.

Lens replacement starts at a base cost of $29.99 for standard eyewear and sunglass frames, shipping to and from costs more. Place your order online, where you will have the option to print out a flat-rate shipping label or pay for your own shipping. If you pay for shipping elsewhere, we suggest you purchase tracking. Be sure your glasses are properly packed, preferably in a small box with a hard eyeglass case, and protective packing. Lenses will be replaced and shipped back to you within 7-10 business days of arriving at RX-Safety.  

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What Are My Lens Replacement Options?

Replace your tinted or clear lenses with any type of lens you require. The online lens replacement system walks you through your options, and outlines which upgrades add to the base cost. Begin the process by choosing from:

  • Single Vision
  • Digital Single Vision
  • Lined Bifocals
  • Progressive Bifocals
  • 5 Different Lens Materials

What Tint Color Will My Prescription Sunglass Lenses Be?

That is entirely up to you. You have 15 different lens options to choose from including clear lenses, transition lenses in 4 different colors, traditional sunglass tints, and a few fun colors like orange, yellow, and light pink. This range of options allows you to personalize your Ray-Bans to match your signature style.

What Are My Lens Coating Options?

Next up, it’s time to decide what type of coating you would like on your lenses. Choose from 9 different options, each of which improves the function of your sunglasses or standard eyewear. For sunglasses, you want to add the UV protection for $10. You may also want to add an anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, and a mirrored coating for fun. For daily clear lenses consider a blue blocker coating.

How Do I Communicate My Prescription?

You will need to know the prescription measurements for both your left and right eye Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis—as well as your left and right eye Pupil Distance. If you aren’t sure what these are, ask your optometrist. You want this prescription to last as long as possible so if it’s been a year or more since your last eye exam schedule an exam before you send your sunglasses in for lens replacement. If it’s time for a new prescription you can send your clear lens frames in too.

Ray-Ban Fun Fact—It All Began With Aviators

Originally designed as part of the required uniform for WW II pilots as an alternative to flying goggles, providing both anti-glare and UV protection. Aviators quickly became a must-have for men from all walks of life—and the first nationwide sunglass trend. Still the top choice of pilots today, and still a fashion staple for both men and women. Ray-Ban even offers aviators in clear-lens frames. However, with lens replacement, you can focus on the frame you want and add any lens you like. It all began with aviators, but Ray-Ban now has eyeglass frames in endless options, both on-trend and timeless.

Ready To Replace Your Ray-Ban Lenses?

Head online now to RX Safety online order tool to order your prescription Ray-Ban sunglass lenses.

  1. Kevin Stott says:

    Will the replacement lenses have the rayban markings on them

    • SanMartin says:

      Hi Kevin,

      The replacement lenses would not have the Ray-ban markings on the lenses.

  2. Thao Vo says:

    I’ve just ordered sunglasses with prescription lenses. Could I receive the original lenses along with the new prescription lenses?

  3. Christian Lemieux says:

    Can the stories smart glasses have prescription lenses?

    • SanMartin says:

      Hi Christian,

      We can replace your lenses with prescription lenses.

      The link to our Lens Replacement Service is the following:
      If you need any further assistance, you can contact us by email at, or you can give us a call at 888-245-6638. There is also a chat option on our website to talk directly to our customer service reps. It would be a pleasure to help you!

  4. Vivian says:

    Hi I have total short sightedness and stigmatism over 625 degrees, can I have a pair of club master sunglasses made?

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