How to keep your safety glasses from fogging with RX Safety

How to keep your safety glasses from fogging with RX Safety. Blog

If you wear any type of glasses, fogging has most likely happened before. Safety glasses are not exempt either.

Fogging can occur when your glasses are consistently exposed to temperature changes or humid conditions. And if you’re engaged in strenuous activities such as physical labor, sports, or exercise, you’re likely to see fogging in your glasses, as your body temperature fluctuates.

We want you to be both comfortable and safe, as unclear vision can lead to mishaps if one is not careful. That’s why we’ve included several solutions in this article to help you combat fogging for good. With our expertise and advanced technology, you’ll have clear vision in no time.

Before we get into some simple ways you can combat fogging, we’ll talk about our more permanent advancements to address the problem.

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Anti-fog permanent coating

At RX Safety, we offer a variety of lens coating for our safety glasses. One of those lens coating options is our anti-fog coating.

An anti-fog coating works by chemically affecting the adhesion of water molecules, stopping them from grouping into large clusters that can impair your vision. As we discussed earlier, if you’re more likely engaged in strenuous activity or fluctuations in body temperature, you’re more prone to fogging glasses.

At RX Safety we offer an anti-fog permanent coating that can be applied to the lenses to prevent fogging and provide clear vision. You can select this option when purchasing your glasses online–it’s that simple and easy, and affordable. 

Anti-fog products

But let’s say that you already own a pair of glasses and you aren’t able to order a new pair with the lens coating. That’s completely understandable, and we had a few options for you as well.

First, we can talk about our anti-fog cloths. These are dry cloths that prevent fogging and are very convenient and can easily be used on the go. Simply wipe both sides of your safety glasses with the cloth and your glasses will be protected from fogging–it’s that simple.

We also have our anti-fog lens cleaner as well. This cleaner is a liquid and is to be sprayed on both sides of your glasses. Afterwards, simply wipe them off with a towel and you’ll be sure to notice a difference, allowing for greater and more confident performance. While the lens cleaner requires a bit more maintenance than the dry cloth, for example, it can still be used for regular care of your glasses and is simple and easy.  

Whether simple kits, or longer treatments, we have several other effective anti-fog products for you as well.

In Conclusion

Here at RX Safety, we have a variety of solutions for you to get the convenience and comfortability that you need. Not only do we make revolutionary products, but we understand the science behind the products we make.

If you have any additional questions about our lens-coating technology, or if you have additional questions about how you can purchase one of our anti-fog coating products, please feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help get you the solutions you need.

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