New Geardo Safety Glasses with RX Insert

At RX-Safety, we are always proud of the hard work our team does to get our customers access to the latest and greatest new releases. Oftentimes, these new releases are so well loved that they exceed even our high expectations. In fact, one of these exceptional products is the Geardo Safety Glasses. The Geardo safety glasses are our new product at RX-Safety. In fact, with our loyal customers, it has swiftly become one of our best sellers. This is due to durability, comfort, affordability, protection, and style! These new safety glasses are extremely versatile. In fact, they are able to be safety glasses or shooting glasses. This is because they provide maximum protection and adhere to stringent industry safety standards.  

Additionally, this excellent pair of safety glasses come with 4 different lens options. This combines with the new RX insert option. The RX Insert option allows the customer to add their own prescription to these shooting glasses. The process is simple and easy. Customers can now select the RX option on the Geardo safety glasses product page. This allows them to take the safety glasses prescription from their doctor’s office and swiftly plug it into the RX-Safety website. The process allows our customers to have customized prescription Geardo safety glasses at their door in 7-10 days. RX-Safety customers across all segments are using these glasses for industrial, medical, and military segments alike!

Additionally, the great thing about the RX-Safety Geardo safety and shooting glasses are ANSI Z87+ high impact compliant. Therefore, these regular safety glasses or shooting glasses are ANSI Z87+ safety standards for high velocity impact protection in any segment. This is the enhanced level of protection that many of our RX-Safety customers require for protection in their hazardous job segments. As always, our safety glasses meet rigorous industry standards and are ANSI Z87+ high impact approved for optimal protection.

Also, our Geardo Safety Glasses combine extreme comfort in an ultra-lightweight frame. They are TR-90 nylon, an ultra-lightweight and comfortable material. Also, the RX-Safety team has ensured that the Geardo shooting glasses feature silicone adjustable nose pads and rubberized temple bars for a comfortable fit. These safety glasses are available in a black frame with orange, yellow, clear, and dark gray lenses. In addition, you can add your prescription with the RX Insert. This makes them ultimately comfortable and protective for anything your environment throws at you.

Also, our Geardo glasses are one of the front runner’s of the RX-Safety collection and our team is thrilled to give you an in-depth look into the features they provide. RX-Safety is constantly updating their inventory to get the latest and greatest technology for their customers. This means a variety of excellent new safety glasses are continuously joining RX-Safety’s inventory. These glasses are premium top of the line options in the optical safety industry. In fact, men and women trust RX-Safety to provide them with the proper eye gear for almost any environment. We are confident that Geardo safety glasses provide just that!

Additionally, the Geardo Safety Glasses with RX insert by RX-Safety strive to combine extreme comfort in an ultra-lightweight frame. All in all, the Geardo safety glasses and shooting glasses are an excellent choice when you are looking for high quality protection. Head to to check out the safety glasses and safety shooting glasses collections including the Geardo safety glasses with RX insert!

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