Difference between Transitions XTRActive and XTRActive polarized lenses

Getting Transitions lenses is always an excellent idea, especially with prescription glasses. This allows you to have the combination of sunglasses when it’s bright outside and revert back to regular prescription glasses indoors. It will eliminate the need to have two pairs of glasses, one for prescription and one for sunglasses, and ultimately will help to protect your eyes with changing lights. 

What are the similarities between these two lenses?

Before we look at what makes these transitional lenses different, let’s briefly look at where they have similarities. Both of them offer the ultimate protection against blue light. 

Another common feature is that both offer 100% UVA and UVB protection against the sun when activated. In addition, they will transition back to clear lenses quickly, yet the XTRActive polarized lenses will fade back 200% faster, and the XTRActive lenses will fade back 35%.

What are the differences between these two?

While both are excellent options, there are a few differences to note that will help with your decision. The XTRActive standard lenses will fade back indoors but will provide a slight tint when necessary to still protect against harsh lighting.

They’re also a better option when in a car, as they will transition the darkest compared to the XTRActive polarized lenses, making them a better driving option. These lenses will also be their darkest when it’s also quite hot outside, perfect for those in a hotter or tropical climate versus the polarized version.

The polarized version won’t be as strong in cars while driving but will achieve efficiency up to 90%, even when it’s hot outside. The polarized version will also be the equivalent darkness outdoors, regardless of the heat, making it a better option in cooler climates. Since they’re also going to be polarized, you’ll get a crisper image and see colors better when they’ve transitioned to the darker tints.

Step by Step guide expanding on how to add these as an option:

Regardless, either option is possible with a prescription, so you’ll be able to have them for driving or in cooler climates. In addition, you can have the benefits of a polarized lens and see things much clearer. How you do this at RX safety is simple.

  • Every frame that a prescription is available, so click on the orange button that says ‘Select Prescription Lenses’.
  • Here you will see ALL the options we have. You can select any additional extras or coatings you want, but you’re looking for Transitions lenses. You’ll see all the available options with your frames, and it will clearly state if you’re able to select XTRActive Transitions lenses (and their color) as an option. When you’re finished, scroll down to the bottom and press ‘next.’
  • Here you can upload your prescription or manually fill out all the information. When done, press ‘next.’
  • You can add any comments or questions that you may have, and when you’re done, you can press ‘Add to Cart’, where you’ll be able to go through the regular checkout process. 

That’s all it takes to get yourself a great frame and some of the best Transitions lenses out there.

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