Review of the best prescription safety glasses for medical 2022

Sometimes people believe that safety or prescription safety glasses are built just for extremely hazardous positions, such as emergency services, construction workers, oil rig workers, etc. In reality, they are useful for anyone who may have any chance of injury on the job site, especially those that are in the medical profession. It’s important for those tasked with our health to have their own protective equipment to ensure they can do the job safely and consistently.

Our frames are designed to be worn all day long and even after hours, as traditional frames would. At the same time, these frames also are perfect options for prescriptions, which you are able to select online through our site. We always carry the latest sizes of prescription lenses, as well as any specialized coating you may want, tint, or transitional features.

OnGuard 125 Prescription Safety Glasses

These frames are extremely lightweight due to the fact that they are also semi-frameless. They come with integrated side shields that add a level of protection that is also completely detachable when you want to convert these glasses to be worn outside work. On the off chance you misplace the side shields, we offer replacement side shields for purchase whenever you need them. These safety glasses are primarily made of metal, allowing spring hinges that support a secure fit. 

When it comes to safety standards, the OnGuard 125 frames come with both ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards with them. These help ensure that you get appropriate safety glasses that protect against high-impact and high-velocity projectiles. In addition, these come in two colors, either Chocolate Chrome or Brushed Silver. 

Hudson Optical Deeper B Series DR-2 Safety Glasses

Another semi-rimless option with a metal frame construction, the Deeper B Series is an excellent choice for those that need that lightweight yet durable support. To keep the weight minimal, they come with plastic temples that are also comfortable and silicone nose pads that are adjustable. Just like the OnGuard 125, these frames also come with spring hinges to promote a more secure fit. 

There are three classic color options the DR-2 Safety glasses come in, which are Slate, Brown, and Black. We also offer these in two sizes to comfortably fit both medium and large-sized heads. Safety standards are also a part of these frames as they come with ANSI Z87.1 impact resistance and velocity resistance offering that necessary protection. 

Model T9538S

These frames come with integrated side shields attached to a rectangular-shaped lens frame. That means you’re able to have additional protection combined with the ANSI Z87-2+ safety rating they have achieved while at the same time being in the right shape for high prescriptions. The model T9538S is also lightweight as they are primarily made of TR-90 Nylon plastic, which is extremely durable as well. These frames are on offer in three different colors, clear, black, and brown. The size of these is more situated for those with a larger-sized head.

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