The best safety glasses with LED

Getting a pair of LED safety glasses can be one of the best moves for safety glasses. These provide you with direct light when you need it most. Whether you work in nighttime conditions, simply being in the great outdoors, hiking through trails, fishing, or even doing some night hunting. It helps to let you know what is right in front of you at all times while allowing your hands freedom for whatever action you’re doing. It’s important to find the right safety glasses with LED lights built in so they are still constructed properly for safety ratings and comfort.

Two excellent brands are leading the way in producing LED safety glasses, and both options described below come with ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings.

Panther Vision 

These are exactly the type of people you want making your safety glasses with LED lights. They have been in the business for only a decade but have built their product line up out of necessity. The founders themselves find themselves consistently in the outdoors and have created more than 25 patents related to building better products with lighting. That eventually led to safety glasses with LED lights.

They also focus on sustainability, whether through the use of recycled materials or minimal packaging or sourcing as much of their materials that will have a minimal environmental impact.


A leather in safety glasses and equipment in general, Pyramex has a focus on what the end-user needs are. They have built safe and secure safety glasses that are as innovative and stylish as possible. There’s a huge focus on design and R&D to ensure that whatever is made hits those industry standards at the highest point possible. With over 3 decades of experience under their belts in the industry, their LED safety glasses are just another example of their commitment to quality and innovation.

Panther Lightspecs™ Vindicator LED Lighted Safety Glasses

These black frames come with ANSI Z87.1 ratings enabling them to be OSHA compliant, and are great for a variety of professions and activities. The LED safety glasses have LEDs in the frame’s temples, which are at 32 Lumens of light, so you will see everything in front of you.

In addition, they come with a wraparound design and style to ensure that they stay on without slipping. The battery life is quoted at 50 hours before needing to be replaced. The lenses of the Lightspecs™ also have a scratch-resistant coating to help with the overall durability of these LED Safety glasses.

Pyramex PMXtreme Safety Glasses with LED

The PMXtreme are an excellent option for safety glasses with LED lights. These semi-rimless frames come with polycarbonate lenses that are scratch resistant while also providing 99% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. The temples themselves are also ventilated, with the tips being rubberized as well as the nose pads, so you have a comfortable feel when wearing them.

The LED bulbs (3 lumens per side) also pivot as well to give you directional focus with the light and keep your hands free for anything else. In addition, these come with 6 total batteries for easy replacement when needed.

Where to get the best safety glasses with LED

The best safety glasses with LED are available here at RX Safety. Make sure to check our collection of safety glasses with LED to find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at, or give us a call at +1 866 653 5227.

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