What does the -2 mean in Z87 Safety Glasses?

As you browse our Z87 Safety glasses collection and feel safe and comfortable wearing them, your mind may start to ponder when you notice that we have Z87 and Z87-2 Safety glasses ratings. What is that little difference with the -2 mean? Is there a significant difference between ANSI Z87 Safety glasses and ANSI Z87-2 glasses? Should you be concerned if it doesn’t have the -2? 

So many questions and we’re here to get into it a bit deeper so that you know what you’re buying every time you shop with us at RX-Safety. 

A quick review of ANSI – Z87 rating

First, let’s take a moment to understand what the American National Standards Institute means with its ANSI – Z87 rating. This gets reviewed and updated every five to ten years, with the latest iteration updated back in 2020. The current rating for frames allows for protection against high-velocity and high-impact objects up to a certain amount. There’s also a bit of protection against flammability.

What about the – 2 in the ANSI Z87 Safety glasses?

When you see frames that have that type of marking, such as Z87-2, it refers to the lenses and not the frame itself. First, it means that the lenses should be at the very least 2.0mm thick. Then these lenses need to also provide the same protective capabilities against high-velocity projects and high impact. For example, the current standards protect against a steel ball that’s a quarter inch in diameter and goes up to 150 feet per second. So the lenses should be able to protect the wearer with no issues if they come into contact with that. 

Going further, the Z87-2 also refers to Z87 safety glasses prescription based as well. Z87 is enough in most cases if the frames are only going to use Plano lenses. Plano lenses are known as non-corrective lenses that are there to protect and not correct any vision, and they’re either called Plano lenses, PL, or 0.00 prescription. With Z87-2 ratings, the -2 will help denote prescription options for Z87 safety glasses.

That makes it easier for those looking for ANSI Z87 safety glasses but also want to confirm that the lenses themselves offer the protective features against that high impact and high-velocity protection, as well as the other protection the standards typically end up covering.

Yet not to worry, as when it comes to any ratings, we may mention or discuss on our site at RX-Safety; we’re always there to be extra clear to ensure that you have your Z87 Safety glasses that have the -2 for prescriptions as well as millimeter thickness. On the off chance you still don’t feel convinced, we pride ourselves on just how many options we have for Z87 safety glasses with a prescription and typically will have those -2 markings at the end of those frames. You can always reach out to any of us online, and we’ll be glad to confirm and help you pick out your preferred safety glasses, with or without a prescription.

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