Are Prescription Safety Glasses FSA Eligible?


Prescription safety glasses are essential for many professionals who work in environments that pose risks to their eyes. From construction and manufacturing to healthcare and laboratory work, the need for clear vision and eye protection cannot be overstated. One common question at RX Safety is whether these crucial protective eyewear items are eligible for reimbursement through the Flexible Spending Account (FSA). The good news is, yes, prescription safety glasses are typically FSA-eligible! This blog will explore how you can use your FSA to purchase prescription safety glasses and introduce our partnership with Binkey to streamline the process.

What is an FSA?

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a special account you put money into that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs. The money you contribute to an FSA is not subject to payroll taxes, making FSAs a great way to save money on medical expenses. FSAs cover a wide range of healthcare-related costs, including prescription medications, medical devices, and, importantly, prescription eyewear.

Are Prescription Safety Glasses FSA Eligible?

Yes, prescription safety glasses are generally eligible for reimbursement through an FSA. Because these glasses are considered a necessary medical expense for those who require vision correction and work in hazardous environments, they qualify under most FSA guidelines. However, it is essential to keep documentation and receipts to ensure that you can substantiate the expense if needed.

How to Use Your FSA for Prescription Safety Glasses

1. Check Your FSA Plan: Before making a purchase, check the specific guidelines of your FSA plan to confirm that prescription safety glasses are covered. While they are generally eligible, plan details can vary.

2. Get a Prescription: Ensure you have a valid prescription from your eye doctor. Your prescription must be up-to-date, specifically for safety glasses, if required by your job.

3. Purchase from an FSA-Eligible Provider: Buy your prescription safety glasses from a provider that accepts FSA payments, like RX Safety.

4. Keep Your Receipts: After purchasing your glasses, keep all receipts and documentation. These will be necessary for reimbursement and your records.


RX Safety’s Partnership with Binkey

RX Safety has partnered with Binkey, a leading provider in FSA and insurance reimbursement processing, to make the process even easier. This partnership allows us to offer a seamless experience for our customers when using their FSA funds.


Benefits of the RX Safety and Binkey Partnership:


Simplified FSA Processing: Through our partnership with Binkey, we can process your FSA payment directly at the point of sale. This eliminates the need for you to file for reimbursement manually.


Insurance Reimbursements: Binkey also helps us file insurance claims on your behalf, ensuring you receive any applicable reimbursements quickly and efficiently.


Expert Assistance: Binky’s expertise in FSA and insurance processing ensures that all paperwork and claims are handled accurately, reducing your hassle and stress.

How It Works

1. Shop with RX Safety: Browse our extensive collection of prescription safety glasses and select the pair that best suits your needs.

2. Pay with FSA: At checkout, choose to use your FSA funds. If you have insurance coverage, provide the necessary information.

3. Binkey Processes Your Claim: Binkey will handle processing your FSA payment and file any insurance claims on your behalf.

4. Receive Your Glasses: Once your order is complete, you will receive your prescription safety glasses and confirmation that your FSA or insurance has been processed.


Prescription safety glasses are not only essential for protecting your eyes in hazardous environments, but they are also an eligible expense under most Flexible Spending Accounts. At RX Safety, we strive to make accessing these necessary items as easy and convenient as possible. Our partnership with Binkey ensures you can use your FSA funds seamlessly and receive insurance reimbursements without hassle.

Shop with RX Safety to protect your vision and take advantage of your FSA benefits. For more information about our products and services, visit

Stay safe and see clearly with RX Safety.


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