Why Are Shooting Glasses Yellow?

Here at RX-Safety, we’re in the business of working with seasoned professionals that work on the shooting range and in military environments. Throughout our time in the occupational safety segment, we have come to cater to consumers who are military, active-duty service members, and first responders. Because of this, we carry a wide range of tactical shooting glasses. Whether you are new to ballistics safety gear or are an experienced shooter, you may have noticed something interesting about your shooting glasses. Yes, they are yellow!

Why are shooting glasses tinted yellow?

“Well, why are my prescription shooting glasses yellow?”, you might ask. The simple answer is that the yellow tint on the lenses of your ballistics glasses help to filter out UV rays of light. This is why shooting glasses with yellow tints are so much more preferred by firearms experts. The yellow tint negates the blue of ultraviolet light. In fact, blue light often obscures vision and can make things seem blurry or less defined. This is why many office workers also prefer to wear blue light blocking glasses while they work in front of screens.

What are Yellow Shooting Glasses for?

Yellow shooting glasses are preferred over clear shooting glasses by many sportsmen and law enforcement professionals alike.

These bright lenses do more than color the world in a sunny light. They enhance contrast, make lighting seem brighter than it is, and improve visual acuity.

When shooting, enhanced contrast and visual acuity mean faster reaction times and greater clarity when looking down your sights. Many feel that yellow shooting glasses improve their shooting once they get used to the color, and that can make a big difference for a competitive shooter or someone looking to fine tune their aim.

Tell me more about how this helps shooters!

A screen of yellow coating over your lenses counteracts the blue light created by fog and rays of sunlight. Many firearms professionals, hunters, and service members alike also attest to the belief that a yellow filter helps to improve your depth perception. Also, this can increase overall accuracy with a firearms weapon and reduce your odds of missing the target. Enhanced contrast and visual acuity allow yellow shooting glasses to improve your reaction time and differentiation of targets.

What else should I look for in my shooting glasses?

Most seasoned marksmen look for several key features when selecting the best shooting glasses. This includes a comfortable fit, lightweight durability, and polarized lenses for shooting sunglasses or tactical sunglasses. Additionally, they should fit securely as it is important in environments with ballistic fragments and projectiles that your glasses do not move on your face.  Shooting safety glasses need to be ANSI rated for optimal protection. Tactical glasses should also be MIL-PRF-32432 military ballistics rated. There are many great name brands that are well known and trusted for their excellent shooting glasses such as Oakley shooting glasses or Smith Optics. Proper eyewear is a must for keeping yourself safe at the range or in any hazardous environments.

Where can I buy these good quality shooting and tactical glasses?

At RX-Safety we are proud of the collections of hundreds of shooting and tactical glasses that we have curated. Our team commits themselves to excellence and does extensive research on the prescription safety shooting glasses that we carry. Also, we carry well-known brands with a wide customer base as well as niche specialty brands. Check out our lines of shooting glasses and tactical glasses today!

Shooting glasses are important to the safety of your eyes, so wearing them is always a good idea while shooting. If you’re going to be wearing shooting glasses, doesn’t it make sense to wear ones that will improve your shot?

If you’re somebody who likes to shoot or if you’re working in law enforcement, yellow shooting glasses are definitely worth a try. Hundreds of skilled shooters are using them every time they shoot, and they are safer and more skilled for it.

If you have questions about yellow shooting glasses, leave a comment below or give us a call!

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    Do you have prescription, polycarbonate, yellow tint, polarized and anti-glare shooting glasses.

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