Are Oakley Sunglasses ANSI Approved? Understanding Oakley’s Safety Standards


When it comes to Oakley sunglasses, they are synonymous with style and performance. However, are Oakley sunglasses ANSI approved? In this article, we delve into Oakley’s approach to safety standards and why not all their frames are ANSI Z87 certified.

Understanding ANSI Z87 Standards

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) sets safety standards for a wide range of products, including protective eyewear, under ANSI Z87.1. These standards are essential for ensuring that safety glasses offer the necessary impact protection and optical clarity.

To achieve ANSI Z87.1 compliance, eyewear must meet strict impact resistance and optical quality criteria. This standard ensures that safety glasses can effectively shield the wearer’s eyes from potential hazards.

Oakley Sunglasses and ANSI Z87 Certification

While many Oakley frames may meet the requirements for ANSI Z87 standards informally, Oakley officially certifies only specific frames as ANSI Z87 compliant.


Key Features of ANSI Z87 Certified Oakley Frames


Verified Impact Protection

Oakley’s ANSI Z87 certified frames undergo rigorous testing to guarantee they provide reliable impact protection. They can withstand high-velocity impacts and offer top-tier defense against flying objects or accidents.


Proven Optical Clarity

ANSI Z87 certified Oakley frames deliver exceptional optical clarity, ensuring distortion-free vision without compromising style.


Stylish and Comfortable

Oakley prioritizes both safety and style in their ANSI Z87 certified frames. These select frames come in various designs and lens options, allowing you to look fashionable while staying protected.


Prescription Options

For those needing prescription eyewear, Oakley offers ANSI Z87 certified prescription glasses that maintain the same level of impact resistance and optical quality as their non-prescription counterparts.


The Importance of ANSI Z87 Certification

Whether you work in an industry requiring safety glasses or engage in outdoor activities demanding extra eye protection, choosing ANSI Z87 certified eyewear is a prudent choice. These standards are recognized by regulatory bodies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and are widely adopted in various sectors.


In conclusion, are Oakley sunglasses ANSI approved? While many Oakley frames may meet safety standards, Oakley officially certifies only specific frames as ANSI Z87 compliant. These certified frames offer verified impact protection, optical clarity, and style, embodying Oakley’s commitment to safety and fashion.

When it comes to eye safety, investing in eyewear that complies with national standards is paramount. Oakley’s dedication to safety ensures that you can enjoy both fashion and peace of mind when wearing their ANSI Z87 certified frames.

In a world where eye protection matters, Oakley stands out by blending style with functionality, making ANSI Z87 certified Oakley frames a preferred choice for those who value quality and protection.

  1. Charisse Mollohan says:

    Are Oakley Turbine Rotor
    ANSI Z-87.1 for OSHA requirements? If so, why are they not marked?

    • SanMartin says:

      Hi Charisse,

      The Oakley Turbine Rotor meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3 optical and basic impact standards, but they are not officially rated for OSHA standards.

  2. Trish Liljestrand says:

    My model sunglasses of is 009158-12. 71/09
    I wanted to know if they were rated an I z87. I purchased them in 2012.
    Thank you

  3. Juan Mendoza says:

    Im working on a military base, i use twinface two tone glasses and i was asked if they are approved anzi z87.1 where and i get documentation showing that

    • rxsafety says:

      Hi Mr Mendoza,

      It would be best to go back to where you purchased your glasses from. They would be able to provide you with any information in regards to the frame.

  4. Mike Schmitz says:

    If the Oakley sunglasses meet the ANSI Z-87.1 standard as required by OSHA, why are they not marked as meeting the ANSI Z-87.1 standard like all the other safety glasses?

    • rxsafety says:

      Hi Mike,

      There are models out there that are marked Z87. Oakley has them identified as an industrial model. You would need to reach out to Oakley to see if your sunglasses fall within that category.

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