The New Transitions Lenses: What Makes Them Special?

Transitions, the original color-changing lenses, have gotten an upgrade. Now, they don’t just darken in the presence of UV light – they polarize. This brings a level of clarity previously unknown to this type of lenses.

What Are Transitions Lenses?

Transitions is a brand name for a type of eyeglass lens that changes its tint upon exposure to UV rays. Indoors and in the car, they are clear and look like any other regular pair of eyeglasses. This is good because light is often limited inside.Once outdoors in the daytime, the lenses instantly begin to darken. They finally end up quite dark, though they allow enough light through to see everything that’s around you. This makes it so that you don’t have to keep track of two pairs of glasses. It also eliminates the wear to the eyeglass temples that would result from constantly switching between pairs.

What’s Special About the New Version?

The new version, Transitions Vantage, adds polarization to the color-changing aspect. Reflections from surfaces that are hit by bright sunlight ordinarily distort the view with glare. Polarization eliminates this effect and makes things look perfectly clear even when you’re wearing glasses. By adding it to the tint that appears in bright light, Transitions Vantage eliminates the need for clip-on polarized lenses or an extra pair of sports glasses.

How Have Polarized Lenses Spread Through the Years?
At first, athletes were the primary users of polarized lenses and goggles.  They found that by wearing them, they could better see while on the water, out playing golf, or taking part in other outdoor sports where vision clarity is just as important as raw acuity. This led sports sunglass makers to add the feature to their offerings, where it was a big hit. Once that was done, the concept spread to non-athletes who wore the sports glasses for their design appeal. Even though they didn’t need to see tiny golf balls, they were wowed by the increased clarity when looking at everyday objects.

Now, makers of non-athletic eyeglasses and lenses have caught onto this trend and are adding polarization to their products. Customer reviews on Transitions’ site show that this is a big hit, with several praising the clarity of the view through the new Vantage lenses. Many note that it is a definite improvement over the original.

What Else Draws People to Transitions Vantage?

Customer reviews praise how fast they change from almost-clear to dark and back. This allows users to go straight from inside a building to outdoors with hardly any waiting.

Also, as with other Transitions options, they like not having to carry – and possibly lose – a special “sunglasses” pair along with their regular ones. With the light-adaptive lenses, one pair covers all hours for the vast majority of people.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There really aren’t any drawbacks to the new Transitions lenses, but there is one thing to be aware of: They don’t get dark while inside a car. That’s because windshields made within the last several decades are already coated to block UV light, and it’s UV light that triggers the darkening of these lenses. Therefore, people who need shading while they’re in a car will still need to add clip-on shades or keep an extra pair.

That said, most people aren’t bothered by light while on the road, but instead, when walking or playing out in the open air. Transitions lenses are great at handling this environment, so they’re perfect for most of the population.

 What Else Can Transitions Vantage Lenses Do?

Transitions Vision, the maker of these lenses, has added protection against blue light in response to changes in modern environments. Blue light comes from devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs – and overexposure leads to eye strain. The lenses also fully block both UVA and UVB light, which are the wavelength bands believed to cause cancer, sunburn, and other negative effects. Blocking these types of light may help prevent cataracts and other eye maladies as well.

 Does Transitions Still Make Other Light-Sensitive Lenses?

Yes! Transitions Signature lenses, the original product, are still sold for those who want to keep what they know. These lenses block UVA and UVB light and provide protection against blue light, but do not include the polarization upgrade.

Transitions XTRActive lenses are another newer option. These include a fairly light base tint and are perfect for those who find harsh indoor lighting or driving in bright light to be bothersome. Of course, they still become very dark if directly exposed to sunlight without UV-treated windows in the way.

The Signature lenses are made to be able to fit any frame and prescription, but the XTRActive and Vantage lenses only fit “most” frames and prescriptions. Therefore, it’s important to check with your eyewear provider to be sure your chosen lens type will work with your upcoming pair of new glasses.

Getting started on having your new pair of glasses made with Transitions lenses is easy. All you need to do is choose the frames from our site and then select your preferred option during our ordering process. (If you don’t have a current eyewear prescription and need corrective lenses, you’ll need to obtain one first.)

Once we have all of the needed information, we’ll get started on making your new glasses. We’re sure you’ll love having a pair that you don’t need to switch for regular glasses every time it gets dark out! If you have any other questions abut m or any other lens type, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you get the perfect pair of glasses.

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