How to Choose the Correct Oakley Lenses

Can I Put Prescription Lenses in my Oakley Glasses?

Yes, you can put prescription lenses in your Oakleys. Before deciding if you want a prescription lens for your Oakleys, you should consult with your ophthalmologist about the proper prescription. Oakley has many lens options for their sunglasses and other sportswear. If you are unfamiliar with Oakley, here is what they offer.

What Oakley Offers

Oakley offers a variety of products, but are most known for their high-quality sunglasses. Not only are Oakleys durable, but their lenses also help create a more defined picture. Many athletes use sunglasses from Oakley because it protects their eyes at all times and can improve their overall play. Oakley focuses on making sunglasses for specific sports and activities like golfing, track, tennis, fishing, dirt biking, etc.

Oakley also offers durable goggles with interchangeable lenses for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. These goggles protect your eyes from the sun with a comfortable wraparound view while optimizing your peripheral vision. Not only do Oakley’s goggles protect your vision, they’ve implemented odor and bacteria-eliminating technology into their goggles to protect you from potential infections. With all of these features, Oakley is distinguished as a top brand for sportswear. For every pair of Oakley sunglasses and goggles, they offer a variety of lens options.

Types of Lenses

Prizm™ lenses can be installed into every pair of Oakley sunglasses and sportswear. Here are the types of Prizm™ lenses Oakley offers:

Every lens can be polarized and/or coated with an anti-reflective(AR) coating to protect your eyes from glare. When deciding what type of lens is best for your Oakleys, Oakley Prizm™ lens technology is a great option. This new lens type is innovative and designed to enhance detail in your vision for your specific sport or activity. Every type of Oakley Prizm™ lens is made from plutonite polycarbonate material, which can stop every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation from damaging your eyes, and can protect your eye from HEV(blue light) rays as well.

  • Snow
  • Trail
  • Gray
  • Bronze

The Snow is exclusively for Oakley goggles and designed to identify snow terrain and contours. For either snowy, overcast, or sunny days, there are different colored Snow lenses that accommodate different winter conditions (Black, torch, jade, sapphire, pink, rose, persimmon).

The Prizm™ Grey and Bronze are for the average day in the sun. These two lens types were created to enhance the vividness of multiple colors, while also increasing overall detail of your vision. The grey-base lenses improve the overall color of your vision, which allows you to see a more natural appearance through your Oakleys. While the Grey improves the definition of color, the bronze-base lens gives a warmer appearance. Both the Grey and the Bronze have a variety of different colored shades to choose from (Black, grey, sapphire, jade, gold, bronze, tungsten).

If Prizm™ lenses aren’t for you, Oakley also offers other protective options such as their Iridium AR coatings. Iridium coated lenses are a great choice to have with your pair of Oakleys as they are made with a special metal oxide coating on the lens that reflects harmful UV light. This is an add on feature for every pair of Oakley sunglasses, including the Prizm™ lenses. The Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ is a popular model that can be equipped with an iridium coating.

As this lens is designed for winter sports, the Trail is designed for hiking and other outdoor activities. The Trail helps you detect changes in the terrain in a variety of light conditions. Many Mountain bikers and hikers prefer this lens as it can improve their awareness of rocks and roots on a trail. The Trail also comes with different color shades for your sunglasses including black and rose. If you are not an athlete, or don’t enjoy the snow, there are Prizm™ lenses specifically made for everyday use as well.

If none of the other options appeal to you, we at least recommend you have a polarized lens. As much as Prizm™ technology and Iridium coated lenses give you that extra protection against harmful UV rays, you can’t go wrong with a polarized lens for your Oakleys. Oakley polarized lenses are glare resistant, block 100% of UV light, and are very stylish.

Choosing the Right Lens

If you are looking for a pair of Oakleys for sport or everyday use, Oakley has many options to choose from. Remember that all of the lens options Oakley offers to maximize the protection of your eyes, and don’t forget that you can have your Prizm™ lenses Polarized or coated with an Iridium layer.

If you already own a pair of Oakley sunglasses, or are considering purchasing a pair, we hope to have helped to inform you what options you have for your Oakleys. Here at Rx-Safety, we aim to keep you up to date about our top brands and the lens options you can choose for them. Be sure to check out our website for high-quality Oakley sunglasses.

  1. Andy says:

    Excited to hear about the service you provide! I have a pair of Oakley half jackets currently without a prescription, and I need my distance prescription lenses in these frames. Unfortunately I have terrible distance vision What is the maximum distance prescription that can be added to the half jackets? What is the maximum that can be added to Oakley lenses period? Thanks!

    • SanMartin says:

      Hello Andy,

      Please contact our customer service for assistance, we would be glad to help you.
      You can contact us by email at, or you can give us a call at 888-245-6638. There is also a chat option on our website to talk directly to our customer service reps.
      The link to our Lens Replacement Service is the following:

  2. Kevin Kosco says:

    My son had a recent eye injury in baseball. Can you let me know what the strongest material lens to protect his eyes? Also, what is the best frame and lens color to protect his eyes for baseball.

  3. Lee says:

    Can I put prescription lenses in my oakley crankshaft frames

  4. Danilo Arcilla Danilo says:

    Need prescription oakley juliet sunglasses

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