Oakley Holbrook vs XL: What is the Difference?


Fit and style are essential factors to consider when searching for the ideal pair of sunglasses. Oakley, a renowned brand known for its exceptional quality and innovative designs, offers two popular models: the Holbrook Oakley sunglasses and the Holbrook XL. While both sunglasses share a similar name and aesthetic appeal, they differ in size and fit, catering to different preferences and head sizes.

The primary difference between these Oakley sunglasses Holbrook lies in their frame size. The XL version is designed to provide a larger fit, accommodating individuals with larger head sizes or those who prefer a more oversized look. This larger fit ensures enhanced comfort and prevents the sunglasses from feeling too tight or restrictive.

Beyond Size: Lens Dimensions, Color Options, and Performance

size variation

To delve into the specifics, let’s take a closer look at the lens dimensions. The original Oakley Holbrook boasts a lens width of 57 mm, while the Holbrook XL offers a slightly wider lens width of 59 mm. Additionally, the lens height of the original Holbrook measures 43 mm, while the XL version features a lens height of 45.5 mm. Even the frame width exhibits a minimal difference, with the XL version offering a slightly wider fit by 0.3 mm.


Lens width




Lens height




Frame width




Variety of Colors

Apart from the size variation, another notable distinction between the two versions of Oakley Holbrook is their color availability. The original Holbrook is available in an impressive range of 21 different colors, allowing you to select a shade that perfectly matches your style and preferences. On the other hand, the Holbrook XL offers a selection of 15 colors, providing ample options to suit your individual taste.


Color variations




In terms of performance and durability, the Holbrook XL stands out as the clear winner. It is the only one of the two that meets or exceeds the ANSI Z80.3 optical and impact standards. This means that the Holbrook XL offers optimal precision and impact resistance, providing reliable protection for your eyes in various environments.

Oakley Holbrook vs Holbrook XL

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  1. Mr Chris Fenton says:

    Are Holbrook and Holbrook Metal lenses the same?

    • b.kotian says:

      Hi Mr Chris Fenton,
      No, Holbrook and Holbrook Metal lenses are not the same. They may look similar, but they have differences in size and fit.

  2. Eduardo Andrade says:

    Can i used the lens of the original holbrook to my holbrook xl?

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