Here’s why you should buy Oakley prescription sunglasses at RX Safety

If you’re looking for sunglasses with edge and ultimate eyewear protection look no further. Oakley Inc. designs and manufactures safe and stylish eyewear, with transformative technology that’s suitable for many occasions.

The story of Oakley is woven from humble beginnings. With founder James Jannard’s initial three hundred dollar investment in 1975, Oakley rose to develop a heavy prominence in performative eyewear, especially in the sports industry.

Oakley prescription sunglasses are unlike any other. They offer highly-tailored optics to give wearers an amazing visual experience. In this article, we’ll discuss why Oakley prescription sunglasses are at the top of the list on today’s market. We’ll also discuss why buying Oakley for RX Safety is a great option to choose. Lastly, we’ll answer a few questions that you may have about Oakley sunglasses. 

So keep reading. Your new pair of Oakley frames may be just around the corner.

Why Oakley

Matchless Safety

Oakley is one of the most informed brands in performance and safety eyewear to date. Many of Oakley’s products were tested in extreme conditions to ensure the safety of customers. From sunglasses for military and law enforcement to shade for more simpler occasions,  customers can count on products with a high degree of protection for any experience.  

Superior Style 

Oakley’s prescription sunglasses offer a perfect opportunity for individuals to enhance any look, whether on and off the field. With a sophisticated and edgy aesthetic, Oakley presents a flawless consistent design that is evident in every Oakley product. With a host of colors and designs to choose from, individuals can feel great in any element. 

Excellent lens technology

One notable trait of Oakley sunglasses is their high-definition optic (HDO) lenses. With this superior lens technology, customers can get the sharpest, clearest, and most accurate vision possible. Not only is this crucial in sports, but this is also a plus for the everyday experience.

Oakley & RX Safety

RX Safety, the leading online store for performative and safety eyewear, is an official distributor for Oakley. Because of this, customers can get a better price when it comes to prescription options. Everyone loves a good deal and with RX Safety, individuals have the option of saving on high quality products.

Not only that, but RX Safety has a wide range of Oakley sunglasses, with unique color and style options. With an updated inventory, individuals can be sure to find the latest styles for their unique needs. Most Oakley sunglasses can have a prescription added, so customers can have a wider range of options when it comes to their eyewear essentials. 

Where to buy Oakley prescription sunglasses

RX Safety is a distributor of Oakley. With a wide range of prescription sunglasses and accessories, customers have the option of choosing unique colors and styles–all online. 

How much are Oakley prescription sunglasses

At RX SAfety, our commitment to safety and affordability has always been a determining factor in how we conduct business. Because we have an in-house lab, we are able to offer our safety products for honest and fair prices.

Visit our website to check out our numerous styles and frames at unbeatable prices. There, the customer can estimate the price of their prescription safety glasses. Simply add the options to the shopping cart and the subtotal will be available right away. 

How long does it take to get Oakley prescription sunglasses

Our prices are extremely competitive and we offer extremely great customer service that allows us to begin processing your order as quickly as possible. Due to our quick shipping and processes, customers will have quicker access to your Oakley eyewear upon purchase. 

How to order Oakley prescription sunglasses online

It’s easy. First, visit RX Safety and choose your Oakley sunglasses from the wide range of selections. Then choose “select prescription lenses” on the selected glasses page and enter your prescription. 

If you need any additional assistance, you can simply chat with us online or give us a call–we’d be more than happy to help. 

So shop with us! We invite you to visit Oakley’s prescription sunglasses hub at RX Safety. There you will find diverse, performative styles–all at an affordable cost. 

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