Fashionable Prescription Safety Glasses

You might think that prescription safety glasses can’t be fashionable, but safety glasses have come a long way in the past few years and offer more stylish alternatives than ever.  There is no longer a need to sacrifice functionality for fashion.  Here are only a few of the many fashionable prescription safety glasses for you to consider.

Brands of Fashionable Prescription Safety Glasses

Fashionable designs for prescription safety glasses have recently received a boost in popularity as people realize that they can be both fashionable and safe in the workplace.  There is no need to sacrifice function for style.  Whether you are working with chemicals or with heavy machinery, there is always a brand to suit your needs.  Check out these styles that could be your next pair of prescription safety glasses:

ArmouRX: These prescription safety glasses have unique designs and have been combining fashion and function for quite some time. You can look and feel comfortable in fantastic styles seen in their Metro Collection.

Wiley X: Wiley X eyewear is a popular brand for the fashion-conscious, but they are also a great pair of glasses for comfort and safety. These safety glasses are frequently worn by military members and public servants and are ANSI Z87 certified for safety. Look into their Climate Control or Active Series for that perfect fit.

Bobster: For those who participate in extreme activities or have active lifestyles, Bobster eyewear is worth looking into. It is currently the product-of-choice for motorcyclists and is becoming increasingly popular for people in safety, law enforcement, and military professions. Their Unisex Sunglasses Collection is sure to be appealing for both men and women.

ESS: This fantastic brand is owned by Oakley and features tons of fashionable designs that are durable and offer unbeatable protection. This line has many different collections and it is clear to see why they are the only authorized eyewear provider to the United States Marine Corps.

Why You Should Consider Fashionable Prescription Safety Glasses

It has been proven that those who feel confident are more productive in the workplace and wearing fashionable prescription safety glasses will allow you to look and feel great.  Maximizing comfort, performance, and design can give you the ability to complete tasks with confidence without sacrificing your safety.

You Deserve Both Comfort and Style

There is no longer a reason for you to wear heavy and clunky prescription safety glasses.  You can feel confident at work in a pair of fashionable prescription safety glasses and be assured that they will protect your eyes from all sorts of hazards.  Visit to check out more fashionable prescription safety eyewear.

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