Prescription Safety Glasses with Polarized Brown Lenses

Polarized brown lenses are an extremely popular option combination for sunglasses. Polarization adds a coating that filters out horizontal sun rays yet still allows light from other directions to pass through the lenses. Since reflected light travels in a horizontal direction, polarized lenses negate any annoying, powerful reflections, such as light reflected off of water or metal surfaces. This eliminates glare and blinding flashes of reflected light.

Polarized Brown Lenses in Prescription Safety Glasses

Brown is the preferred tint because that color best reduces ambient light in very sunny conditions, the kind in which sunglasses are most commonly used. Brown will still provide fair vision on a fairly overcast day, but it works best in direct sunlight, cutting down light levels and providing great contrast between background and foreground objects.

This explains why so many choose polarized brown lenses when selecting sunglasses. But why limit the benefits of polarized brown lenses to standard sunglasses alone? If your work environment (or any outdoor sport or leisure activities you enjoy) poses a threat to the safety of your eyes, safety glasses are a must; if you wear corrective lenses, prescription safety glasses can easily and cost-effectively be customized for you. While you’re ordering a pair, why not consider taking advantage of the additional benefits of polarized brown lenses?

Rx-Safety offers a wide range of prescription safety glasses to cover all tasks and please all styles. Most of them are also available with options that include polarized, tinted lenses. Let’s sneak a peek at the highlights of just a few of the models that are available with polarized brown lenses:


  • Unique Rx Safety plastic frame with popular “wrap” look utilizing a 6-base lens that will carry most prescriptions.
  • Available as “indoor and outdoor” versions for multiple environments.
  • Excellent coverage above, beside, and underneath the eyes for extra protection against flying objects.
  • Each pair comes with a removable and replaceable dust dam/sweat bar for use in hot and dusty conditions.


  • Premium plastic eyewear frame centered on protection and performance.
  • Available in black or tortoise frame that is ANSI Z87.1-2003 approved.
  • Head-hugging temple design and excellent splash and side protection.
  • Durable TR-60 frame for high impact safety and chemical resistance.


  • Metal safety frame with a contemporary, square shape.
  • Provides superior eye protection with removable PermaShield side shields.
  • Spring hinges guarantee a comfortable fit.


  • Made of flex nickel and handmade nylon materials.
  • Lightweight, flexible frame in sizes 52-18-140 or 49-18-140.
  • Mono block, spring hinges, and removable side shields add to the durability of the frame.

This is just a small sampling of the prescription safety glasses with available polarized brown lenses that you’ll find at Rx-Safety. Order a pair today and enjoy safety glasses with the same sharp contrast and light-blocking properties of your sunglasses.

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