Fall Trends in Sunglasses

Sunglasses can physically last for years, but fashion trends don’t have nearly the same longevity. If you want to be fashion-forward, you therefore need to re-evaluate your choice of sunglasses on a frequent basis. This ensures that your look is never outdated, and as a bonus, gives you a chance to get a nice, fresh, […]

Can I Get Anti Reflective Coating on my Current Glasses?

We get the question a lot. Naturally, anti reflective coating is a great addition for your glasses as you purchase new lenses. But what happens if you have already purchased your glasses, and realize the benefits of this addition after the fact? You might think the answer is complex. In some ways it is. Still, […]

Top 10 Best Prescription Sunglasses for Driving

A trip to the ophthalmologist may bring news that you are in need of glasses. Most American adults need corrective lenses to bring their vision to 20/20 according to American Academy of Ophthalmology. While this may bring some changes to your life, new technology allows you to wear glasses while still maintaining style and comfort. […]

Is Anti Reflective Coating Really Necessary for Glasses?

When you’re ready to pick out your latest pair of glasses, there are plenty of factors that play into your decision. You want a pair of frames that looks beautiful on your face and lenses that allow you to see clearly–not to mention a pair of glasses that is within your budget! As you’re choosing […]

Can You Turn Sunglasses Into Prescription Glasses?

The question “can I turn my sunglasses into prescription glasses?” is one that is more common than you might think. Whether you have a high quality frame from an old pair of sunglasses that you want to still get use out of or you need your tinted shades to provide you with corrective lenses, you […]

4 Popular Nike Sunglasses For Young Athletes

Whether your child is heavily involved in sports or just needs some eye protection when they are playing outdoors in the bright sunlight, every child benefits from a high quality pair of sunglasses. Nike is well-known for having impeccable eye wear options for both kids and adults. And today, we will focus on the many […]

The Top 5 Trendiest Nike Sunglasses in 2017

What would summer be without sunglasses? And if you really think about it, what would any season be without sunglasses? Even during the dead of the winter, the sun comes out and your eyes need to be protected. Whether it is summer, fall, spring, of winter, it’s important to have the right pair of sunglasses, […]

5 Popular Nike Sunglasses That Are Favorites Among Men

Need to upgrade your current pair of sunglasses to something a bit newer, fresher, and more stylish? There is no better time to invest in a new pair of quality Nike sunglasses than the summer season when the weather has warmed up and the sun is shining brightly. If you are looking for something practical yet […]

Nike Sunglasses for Summer Outdoor Experiences

Summer is on its way, and that means it’s almost time to head outside for some warm weather fun. Unfortunately, the bright, summer sun can sometimes put a damper on all of that outdoor excitement. After all, who wants to hang out outside when the sun is blinding them? If you are one of the […]

The Benefits of Prescription Wiley-X Glasses with the Removable Facial Cavity Seal

Prescription Wiley-X glasses are available with a patented removable foam facial cavity seal. This seal effectively converts a pair of glasses into goggles in that it seals the eyes from wind, dust, debris, and peripheral light. Unlike goggles, you can quickly convert them back into normal glasses, and they’re much more stylish. These glasses are […]

What Lenses are Best in Prescription Nike Sunglasses?

With spring around the corner, you’re maybe looking for a new pair of sunglasses that can hold up longer than your previous pair. You also want something stylish without having to pay a fortune. Or, you may need ones with prescription lenses so you don’t have to switch between your regular glasses and sunglasses throughout […]

Nike Sunglasses: Understanding Polarized Lenses

Most sunglasses owners are familiar with polarized lenses and agree that they’re very effective at reducing glare. All too often, this technology is given too much credit for doing many things that it doesn’t do very well if at all. Understanding what polarized lenses do will prevent misconceptions that can potentially harm your eyes, such […]

Glass Grey #3 Prescription Sunglass Lenses: Helping Your Vision in Outdoor Jobs

Many jobs take place outdoors, and you may have to work in an overly sunny climate for long hours. Have you thought about what type of sunglasses you’ll need to protect your eyes from UV rays? If you haven’t, you’re playing risk with your eye health since UV rays can cause cataracts when exposed to […]

Sunglasses to Keep Your Eyes On

Having trouble finding that perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself? Or maybe for that someone special whose birthday is on the horizon? Regardless of the occasion, a pair of prescription sunglasses is always a good idea. The only problem is finding the right pair. Check out three of our best sellers below and get a […]

Prescription Sunglass Lenses 101

Shopping for a pair of sunglasses can be a nightmare. With the proliferation of brands, lens materials, curves, tints, and coatings there are just too many options for the average consumer to know what’s best. And that’s not even considering the most important standard of all, will they make you look cool? Here’s a breakdown of […]

Great Prescription Sunglasses for Small Faces

Leading eyeglass manufacturers have upgraded styles giving smaller faces more options. There has never before been more fashion choices in women’s sunglasses for petite faces. For smaller people who have been dissatisfied with over-sized lenses, earpieces that were simply too long and frames that were always a bit too wide, selections are available to solve those problems. […]

Best UV Protection Sunglasses: Brands To Look For

The sun gives off two types of harmful rays, UVA (short) and UVB (long). Both of these can cause damage to our skin and eyes. Without proper protection, these rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer. They can also damage our eyes. They can cause cataracts, destroy the retina, cause tissue to form over the […]

The Technology Behind Four of the Best Brands for UV Protection Sunglasses

Protecting our eyes from the sun is just as important as applying the proper sunscreen to our skin while outdoors to prevent immediate effects of sunburn and also restrain the cumulative damage the sun can cause to our skin and eyes such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Thank goodness today’s manufacturers are combining fashionable style […]

What Color Lenses Should You Get in Your Sunglasses?

Many people these days wear sunglasses.  How important is it to do so?  Pretty important indeed.  There are many health risks associated with sun exposure, and several are eye related.  Summer or winter, exposure to the sun’s UV rays increases health risks.  Some of the increased risks are for macular degeneration, conjunctival cancer, intraocular melanoma, […]

What Are The Benefits Of Mirror Coating On Sunglasses?

Have you ever been interested in mirror sunglasses? Have you always wanted to know what they were and what were the benefits of mirror coating on sunglasses? Mirror coating on sunglasses makes the lenses look like little mirrors. The mirror coating on the sunglasses will decrease how much light will be able to pass through […]

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