Transition Lenses

What Colors Do Transition Lenses Come In?

Transition lenses are also known as Photochromics lenses. These lenses, once exposed to UV radiation (the sun), darken to a light sunglass shade.  Once you walk from the outside to inside they also change back to a regular clear lens. The gray Transition lens goes from a light to a dark once exposed to UV […]

What do you think of transition lenses?

You may be considering purchasing transition lenses. The idea of transition lenses appeals to many people because of the versatility they offer. However, you might be on the fence about whether or not transition lenses are right for you. At RX-Safety, we are here to help you do your research and determine if transition lenses […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Transition XTRActive Lenses

Looking for some sweet safety glasses that’ll work in all conditions? Prescription Safety Glasses with Transition XTRActive Lenses Prescription safety glasses are essential for many occupations, and some people also need to use them in a variety of different conditions. If you’re looking for eyewear that’ll work effectively, regardless of your lighting conditions, then prescription […]

How do Transition Lenses Work for Shooting?

Thinking about using Transitions for shooting? How do Transition Lenses Work for Shooting? Shooting with Transition lenses can be a real treat; you get some sun protection in direct sunlight and perfect clarity when shooting indoors. Still Transitions aren’t for everyone. How do Transition lenses work for shooting? Transition lenses are great for getting some […]

Prescription glasses that turn into sunglasses

Owning glasses can be expensive especially if you have to buy prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.  There is a solution…transition lenses. One pair of glasses that can accommodate being indoors and outdoors.  Inside they are a clear lens then when you step outside the lenses change to a sunglass.  Check out our Nike 7237 Eyeglasses. […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Transition Lenses

Do you find yourself working both indoors and outdoors frequently, and need protection from sunlight with your prescription safety glasses? If this sounds like something you can identify with, we just might have the right solution for you. Photochromic lenses are lenses that turn clear when exposed to the sun, and dark in the absence […]

Prescription Safety Glasses that Change in the Sun

If you don’t use them in your prescription glasses, I’m willing to bet you know someone who does. Transitions Prescription Safety Glasses They’re that popular, and that ubiquitous. They’re transitional lenses, more formally known as photochromic lenses, and less formally known as “lenses that change in the sun.” That’s because these little miracles of science […]

Why Does Transition Lens Change

It’s a transmutation of matter worthy of the ancient alchemists. How Do Transitions Lenses Change? Clear prescription lenses that darken into sunglasses when exposed to the sun, incrementally adjusting for the amount of light blockage required; then returning to their crystal-clear state when sunlight is removed. A quick peek behind the curtain will prove that […]

Transitions Xtractive vs Vantage

Transitional (or photochromic) lenses are one of the more significant advancements to hit the eyewear industry in the last several decades. Transitions Vantage vs. Xtractive Eyeglass Lenses The advantages of lenses that automatically darken in response to UV light and then revert to their clear state are undeniable; no longer are multiple pairs of prescription […]

Prescription Glasses that Turn into Sunglasses

You’re likely aware of the product, even if you don’t know what it’s called; those lenses that convert clear prescription eyeglasses into shaded sunglasses. Prescription Glasses that Turn into Sunglasses Technically they’re called photochromic lenses, although they’re also know as transition lenses – that moniker being based on both what they do and on the […]

Prescription Glasses That Look Like Sunglasses

If you’re interested in obtaining prescription glasses that look more like sunglasses, fear not; “converting” your everyday glasses to a sunglass style is very easy. A “Sunglasses Look” With Prescription Glasses There are two aspects to consider when mimicking the appearance of sunglasses, and they are simply the two components that make up any pair […]

What is “Photochromic Lens”?

We get you. Spending money unnecessarily in any capacity can be frustrating, and this includes eyewear. But if you’re looking for a great pair of all-around glasses, we may have the perfect solution for you. Photochromic lenses are great because they offer eyewear coverage for both indoors and outdoors. With great flexibility, individuals can do […]

How Good are Transition Lenses?

The “magical” properties of transition lenses often raise a natural, healthy skepticism. Are Transition Lenses As Good As They Say? After all, they start out as perfectly crystal-clear prescription lenses inside or at night, but when exposed to the UV rays of the sun, darken to shade the eyes. This happens in a matter of […]

Eyeglasses that Turn into Sunglasses

Looking for a great pair of all-around glasses? Most of us have met someone who wears Transitions or some other brand of photochromic lenses that turn dark in direct sunlight and clear indoors. These “eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses” are a great choice for all-purpose glasses. We’re proud to offer Transitions lenses on our web […]

How Do I Know When I Need Bifocals?

People often wonder just when it becomes necessary to opt for bifocal lenses. When Do I Need Bifocals? The answer, of course, depends upon the individual and their unique vision needs. While presbyopia – the condition in which the lens of the eye alters enough to prevent one from focusing easily on nearby objects – […]

What Transition Lens Will Work in a Car?

Transition lenses. They’re one of the more influential developments to hit the eyewear industry in the last several decades. Best Transition Lenses for Driving With transition lenses (also known as photochromic lenses, their technical identity), your glasses automatically darken in response to the amount of UV light that’s present, and clear again when that source […]

What is Photochromic Lens?

If you’re reading this you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “photochromic” used in relation to eyewear lenses, and you wonder what they are and what they do. What are Photochromic Lenses? Photochromic lenses automatically darken, in a matter of minutes, when exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun. When the source of light is removed […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Photochromic Lenses

One of the most popular eyewear options in recent years is photochromic (otherwise known as transition) lenses. These convenient, versatile lenses feature a molecular coating that alters in the presence of ultraviolet light…in other words, they darken to a comfortable tint when exposed to sunlight, and return to a clear state when no UV light […]

Best Lenses for Motorcycle Riding

The call of the blacktop. The lure of the country road. The siren song of the engine. To many, the motorcycle is so much more than just a vehicle. It’s a way of life. Whether used for a daily commute or a weekend getaway, the chance to get out on the road can be a […]

Sunglasses Options for People with Glasses

You see them all the time in department stores and drugstores: circular towers with row upon row of great-looking sunglasses. You probably walk right past them with a little twinge of envy. Why? Because you already wear glasses. Prescription eyeglasses. These racks of sunglasses are for people who enjoy natural 20/20 vision. They’re not for […]

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