Drivewear Transition lenses

Transition lenses are an excellent option when you’re facing shifting lighting conditions. They are specialized lenses that will change in color so that you’re able to see as clearly as possible.

When it comes to transitional lenses known as Transitions Drivewear, they are a perfect option for having the optimal shade before, during, and after driving. This way, you won’t have to be surprised by sudden glare or lack of clarity in your vision or have to keep switching out your glasses, as your lenses will do all the switching and changes for you.

At RX safety, we make it extremely easy for you to be able to get many frames with transition drivewear lenses. This option becomes available when you click on select prescription lenses. Then you can select the lens color section and see your various transition lens options for drivewear.

Of course, you can always feel free to reach out to us ahead of time to confirm that you’re getting the right lens type and we can assist you with the order in general.

How they work 

Transitions Drivewear are highly efficient. They are polarizers that shift the lens colors for optimal lighting. You get that polarizing effect in every light situation. Yet the Transitions Drivewear will change color through the windshield of a car. It tends to be a copper-like color which is the best tint for most driving conditions, with the right balance of glare protection and clarity with the road and traffic ahead. Then when you head outside, it gets to a deeper, richer color between red and brown, which is the optimal color to help emphasize green colors, which are typically more common.

Below you’ll find some excellent options that are perfect for transition Drivewear lenses, but these aren’t the only available options. Yet, at the same time, they are a quality option where you can customize your lenses how you see fit.

Nike Flo

The Flo is a square-shaped frame that is excellent for medium to large-sized heads. It’s available in a Matte Black frame or a Black and Gray frame. From there, you can choose your prescription lenses and pick Transitions Drivewear for that optimal usage. These also are a 6-base curved lens that helps enhance the protection towards the peripherals.

Smith Sunglasses Riptide

If you’re looking to get these rectangular-shaped frames with a prescription, they also come with three frame color options: Matte Tortoise, Matte Black, and Black. There are also spring hinges that will adjust the fit to be as secure as possible. To enhance comfort, they come with Megol temples and nose pads that keep your glasses from slipping while providing clarity. In addition, the Evolve™ material keeps it both light and strong.

Wiley X Grid

These are built with a triploid nylon frame that is extremely durable. They also come with an 8-base curvature and are practically a wraparound design. Combined with the rubberized nose pads and temple guards, help to keep these on all the time. There’s also a removable facial cavity that adds an additional layer of comfort. Since you’re going with the Transitions Drivewear lenses with these, you’ll be able to have maximum comfort with a variety of frame designs while also meeting ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings.

Where to get Drivewear glasses with Transition lenses

The best Drivewear with Transition lenses are available here at RX Safety. Make sure to check our collection to find exactly what you want. If you have any questions, talk to our experts through our chat, e-mail us at [email protected], or give us a call at +1 888 245 6638.

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