Has OSHA Approved Your Prescription Safety Glasses?

Are-your-prescription-safety-glasses -approved-by-OSHA?

Ordering prescription safety glasses online can be a daunting task to begin with. This is how do you know if your glasses are “OSHA approved”.

What is OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the regulatory agency of the United States Department of Labor. OSHA regulates safety in workplaces across the country. It has its own criteria for what is OSHA compliant in a variety of segments. One type of safety gear that can be compliant with OSHA’s standards is prescription safety eyewear. At RX-Safety, we are here to teach you how to tell if your prescription safety eyewear is OSHA compliant. In addition, we provide a variety of frame styles that meet these criteria.

If you’re looking for “OSHA approved” prescription safety glasses, here’s what you need to know:

  • To be clear, OSHA does not technically approve prescription safety glasses themselves.  This is because ANSI creates and approves the standards for safety glasses in the US. OSHA’s role is just that they enforce the use of them. So, if you’re looking for OSHA approved prescription safety glasses, what you actually need are ANSI Z87 rated safety glasses. Safety eyewear that is ANSI Z87 rated is generally compliant with OSHA regulations.
  • At RX- Safety, we make sure that almost all of our prescription safety glasses has the ANSI Z87 rating. Therefore, it is OSHA compliant. If you shop for OSHA-compliant prescription safety glasses on our site, you simply need to make sure that the glasses you choose are marked ANSI Z87 approved. This ensures that whichever ANSI certified glasses you choose will be OSHA compliant.
  • Professionals consider polycarbonate to be the best lens material for rx safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses that are manufactured with plastic or glass lenses may be ANSI Z87 approved, but they will not be as impact-resistant as prescription safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses.
  • Prescription safety glasses are available in wrap around styles or flat frames. OSHA-compliant prescription safety glasses can be either of these. But your choice should depend upon your prescription strength and the application in which you are wearing your glasses. Additionally, your needs may change depending on what segment you are working and wearing your glasses in.
  • If you have a weaker prescription and you want good side coverage, it is a good idea to get a wrap around frame. We can do most prescriptions between -5.00 and +2.00 in wraparounds that are OSHA compliant.

Prescription safety glasses are a crucial part of personal protective equipment for many job sites and work areas.

Workers across the United States work in hazardous environments every single day that require proper eye protection. These environments can include dust and debris, lasers, or lab safety needs.

In fact, there is a number one thing that you should know if you’re searching for OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses. This is that OSHA itself does not approve safety eyewear or create standards for safety glasses. However, there are safety glasses that are compliant with what OSHA considers to be safe for specific workplaces.

If you are looking for OSHA compliant glasses, what you’re probably looking for are glasses with an ANSI Z87 rating. We manufacture ANSI rated glasses so that they are compliant with OSHA. ANSI, the American National Standards Institute creates the standard that safety eyewear must live up to. One of the most important classifications consumers look for in their safety glasses is the ANSI Z87 certification rating. The ANSI Z87 rating is an industry standard. This rating establishes the criteria for using, testing, marking, choosing, and maintaining eye protection. This helps to prevent or minimize injuries from eye hazards. This is a critical protection for consumers that work in a wide array of jobs. Glasses with this rating will protect the wearer from various factors. These include flying debris or any variety of mishaps at home or at work.

OSHA enforces the use of safety eyewear, ensuring that you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment on the job. OSHA affirms that if the eyewear itself meets or exceeds ANSI 787, it must have the ANSI Z87 mark to be OSHA compliant.

If you need safety glasses and you wear prescription glasses, it’s a good idea to consider getting OSHA compliant prescription safety glasses as opposed to using fitovers or a goggle. The problem with wearing safety eyewear over your existing prescription glasses is that it encourages fogging and tends to cause poor optical conditions. This is why we encourage the use of prescription safety glasses at RX-Safety. We provide high quality, durable ANSI rated eyewear. In addition, we can put your prescription into the glasses, eliminating the need for fitovers or goggles. This also makes them more lightweight and comfortable while you work in any segment.

If you have never used prescription safety glasses in the past, you are probably fed up with fitover eyewear. What you need is a simple, comfortable alternative. Thankfully, prescription ANSI rated eyewear provides just that and is OSHA compliant.

In conclusion

ANSI certification is what you are looking for. However, they can be OSHA compliant if the frame is ANSI Z87 approved. That is what OSHA requires on almost every American job site.

In fact, OSHA-compliant prescription safety glasses are an extremely useful addition to your safety equipment gear. At RX-Safety, you can customize your lens colors and use the glasses for sports and driving as well as on the job. Many of our customers find countless other uses for their prescription safety glasses after they order them for work.

If you have any questions about prescription safety glasses or which ones are best for you, give us a call or leave your questions in the comments below.  Our knowledgeable and professional customer service team will promptly get back to you regarding any questions you may have.

  1. Tim Rollenhagen says:

    Does ANSI allow safety lenses to be roll and polished after edging?

  2. Karen says:

    I am looking for prescription safety glasses with droplet protection too. What is available?

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