Wiley X AirRage Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Looking for a great pair of prescription motorcycle glasses? Here’s a pair to consider…

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses: The Wiley X AirRage

The Wiley X AirRage is one of the brand’s oldest styles, surviving the test of time and remaining one of their most popular prescription motorcycle glasses styles.

The AirRage is popular for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who rides a motorcycle. The glasses have a comfortable and removable facial cavity seal (foam gasket), ANSI Z87 approved impact resistance, and high prescription tolerance. The glasses are also comfortable, durable, and resilient to the wear and tear of miles of travel.

If you’re in the market for a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses, the Wiley X AirRage Prescription Motorcycle Glasses are worth considering, for several reasons:

  • Removable facial cavity seal. Keeping out dust and debris requires more than just a sleek wraparound style. The Wiley X AirRage prescription motorcycle glasses have a removable foam facial cavity seal to keep dust, wind, and debris from getting under the lens and into your eyes.
  • Comfort. The AirRage features rubberized arm bars and a molded nose area to ensure maximum comfort for even the longest rides.
  • Ventilation. The foam gasket features ventilation to ensure that your lenses don’t fog without allowing any unwanted wind or debris in.
  • Size-specific. The AirRage is designed specifically with smaller faces in mind, meaning those who feel that glasses are typically too big for them are likely to find the AirRage has a perfect fit.
  • Prescription flexibility. The AirRage is one of our most popular frames for prescription motorcycle glasses because it can accommodate most prescriptions
  • Safety. Last, but not least, the AirRage is ANSI Z87-approved for impact safety, and with polycarbonate lenses, few motorcycle glasses are safer.

The Wiley X AirRage has been on of our most popular prescription motorcycle glasses styles for years, and it’s no surprise. Countless customers are riding in safety, comfort, and security with the AirRage, even years after their purchase.

Shop for Wiley X Prescription Motorcycle Glasses.

If you have any questions about the AirRage and whether it’s right for you, give us a call or leave us a comment below! We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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