Prescription Nike Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

If you’re considering the purchase of a pair of prescription Nike Sunglasses with polarized lenses, you’ve apparently done your homework.

Polarized Prescription Nike Sunglasses

The Nike brand name means that quality, durability, and style is built into the frame, and polarized lenses are surely one of the best lens options you could pick to fill those frames.

At Rx-Safety, our wide variety of Nike sunglasses includes dozens of models, all of them available with prescription polarized lenses. Our selection includes Nike examples that run the gamut from the traditional to the sensational and all areas in between. Nike is a leader in the sportswear industry for a reason and that reputation of quality carries over to all their eyewear lines. Find the model that best suits your needs and personality and you’ll have a pair of prescription sunglasses you can enjoy today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

When it comes to the selection of coating options for prescription sunglasses, polarized lenses are a leading seller – for a reason. The harshest sunlight we endure is reflected horizontally off of surfaces and directly into our eyes; light reflected off the many undulating surfaces of a body of water, for example, is the reason sun glare nearly paralyzes vision out on the sea, at a lake, or at the beach. Polarized lenses contain lateral stripes that block and thus eliminate incoming horizontal light. This effectively eliminates annoying and potentially dangerous sun glare.

Polarized lenses do have some drawbacks. They make it harder to see LCD (Liquid Crystal Diode) displays, such as cell phone screens. And although they greatly enhance a daytime driving experience by eliminating reflected sun glare, they might restrict your ability to accurately read digital dashboard displays or GPS screens.

If, however, you research the issue or experiment with polarized lenses and decide that the good qualities outweigh the bad, you can’t find a better frame to house them in than one offered by Nike. Rx-Safety has over forty styles to choose from: men’s and women’s models, metal or plastic frames, sporty streamlined attention-getters or classic styles with understated refinement. Find your pair today and combine glare-free vision with brand-name fashion.

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