Where can I get Wiley-X prescription sunglasses?

Ordering prescription Wiley-X sunglasses is made easy through RX Safety. Simply click on Prescription Safety Glasses then click on Prescription Wiley X.  This will bring you to a page with many Wiley X options.  Choose what one works best for what you are looking for. One of or most popular Wiley-X prescription glasses is the Wiley-X P-17 Gloss Black Frame.

This frame is under the “Active” section.  The Wiley-X P-17 is ANSI Z87.2 Safety Approved.  Simply obtain an up-to-date prescription from your eye doctor and fill in the information on our website.  If you are nervous about the fit of the frame simply order the “Frame Only” and we will ship you the frame without a prescription to try them on. Any questions you can feel free to call our helpful customer service reps at 866-653-5227.

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