Can Wearing Eyeglasses Protect Your Eyes Better Than Contacts When You Have Allergies?

Are you one of those people who love this time of year? If you are, then you are one of the many people who love spring. The cold weather is fading away for many people, people are spending time in the yard making sure their lawn and flowers are appealing, and the sun is constantly shining.

As much as many people love the spring weather, they do not enjoy some of the other things that come with this time of year, such as allergies. Allergies can make it difficult for some people to enjoy being outdoors. If you are one of those people who suffer from allergies, you are likely to constantly have itchy and watery eyes.


One of the ways you can reduce the irritation from eye allergies is to wear prescription eyeglasses and not contacts. When you wear contact lenses, you can experience more irritation because there is a higher chance that more allergens will find their way into your eyes because they will stay on the surface of your contact lenses.

When it is the springtime and you know you have allergies, it will be best to choose to wear your eyeglasses if you have any. However; if you feel that you have to wear your contacts, you should probably wear contact lenses that can be worn and thrown out after you use them.

When you wear contact lenses that can be disposed of after you have used them for the day, you will not experience the constant accumulation of allergens. If you need instant relief, you can use eye drops. You can purchase various types of eye drops from any store.

Since so many people have allergies, it is easy to purchase a bottle of eye drops without a prescription. When you use the eye drops, you will feel a sense of relief because the irritation from the itchiness and watery feeling will be gone.

Eye drops will be good for you if you do not have major allergies. If you want to be sure that you get the best eye drops for your eye allergies, you can talk to your eye doctor.


On the days when you want to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather, you can put on your prescription sunglasses. A great way to protect your eyes when wearing sunglasses or any type of eyeglasses, you can choose to wear glasses with wraparound frames.

The wraparound frames will protect your eyes better because wrap around frames will block the sun and the wind from hitting your eyes. Wrap around frames will also do a great job of keeping the falling pollen from hitting your face or your frames.

There is a great chance that pollen can find its way into your eyes when you are wearing certain types of glasses and frames. However; when you wear glasses that protect every angle of your eyes, you will not have to worry about having an allergic reaction.

Since you probably have to leave the house on a daily basis, you should be aware of all your options when it comes to your allergies and wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. You should remember that it is not a good idea to constantly rub your eyes when your allergies are kicking in.

If you are having more trouble with your allergies and you think your contact lenses can be making the problem worse, you should strongly consider wearing eyeglasses when it is not necessary to wear your contact lenses.

If you would like additional information on how certain prescription glasses and certain prescription sunglasses can offer you better protection for your allergies. Contact us today.

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