Prescription Safety Glasses: Are Your Eyes Protected In The Workplace?

A significant number of people suffer eye injuries at their jobs every year. Thankfully, wearing effective and productive eye protection can prevent a large percentage of the eye injuries. Does your workplace expose your employees to eye injuries on a daily basis? If so, then you are required to provide the correct protective equipment for your employees, such as eyewear and face shields.

A significant number of people in the world are wearing some type of corrective lenses, whether they are contact lenses or eyeglasses. You probably have a large number of employees who wear corrective lenses. How can those employees continue to wear their corrective lenses and use the required safety glasses?

There are actually multiple options that can better suit those employees who need to wear their eyeglasses and their safety glasses. One of the best options is wearing prescription safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses are different from your regular eyeglasses.

These glasses are designed so they will have a better resistance to impact. Many of the safety glasses that people wear are made from polycarbonate material.

Although this material is lightweight, it is very sturdy and durable. These frames can not be broken easily, and some of these frames will come with shields on the side. However; not everyone will need to wear side shields, it will largely depend on the type of work you are required to do.

When you are working in an environment where debris and other materials are constantly flying all over the place, you will definitely want to wear a pair of safety glasses that will not only protect the front of your eyes but will offer protection from a variety of angles.

Safety eyewear is your safety lenses and your safety frames, and these have to meet requirements that comply with the guidelines. However, you do not have to wear those unattractive safety glasses that you may have worn in your high school or college course.

Style is a part of nearly everything now, including our eyewear. You will be surprised at the variety of prescription safety glasses that are made for people like you. There are various styles and colors that will allow you to do your job effectively, while looking stylish.

Some professionals who may have to wear safety glasses at work include:

  • Those who perform carpentry work
  • Plumbers
  • Those who work on various machines
  • Laborers

You may be surprised at the number of employees who do not wear their protective eyewear although they should. So many people suffer from eye injuries at work and at home because they are not using any form of protective eyewear. If you are required to wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses for everyday use, then you should also use them in the workplace.

A big reason why some employees do not wear prescription safety glasses is because they are not really enforced in the workplace. Some people may think it prevents them from doing their job effectively or they are too expensive, but wearing these safety glasses can prevent you from injuring an eye or something much worse.

You want to do your job effectively and you also want to be comfortable, right? The first step you should take before looking for a pair of safety glasses is to make an appointment with your eye doctor. You want to get the right prescription and you also want to know what style of glasses will offer you the best protection and comfort.

Are you employed in an environment that poses any danger to your eyes if you do not wear safety glasses? Your regular eyeglasses will not give you the same protection as safety glasses. Do you want to find out additional information on wearing prescription safety glassesContact us today.

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