Why Is Knowing What Your Eyeglass Prescription Means So Important?

Every piece of cloud you see in the sky is different, right? In the same way, every cloud is different, our eyes are also different. Not everyone’s eyes will be the same, and this goes for twins as well.

Everyone’s eyes are different in color, shape, and size. Since our eyes are so unique, it can cause some problems when it comes to correcting our vision as we get older. As far as vision care, there is no solution that fits every person. Our vision care needs to be personalized to fit each person.

If you have noticed your vision is becoming worse, then you should not ignore it. You are not the only person whose vision is becoming worse. There is a significant chance that you will need to wear either prescription eyeglasses or prescription contacts. Some people inquire about having laser eye surgery, but not every person is able to afford laser eye surgery.

If you have been bothered by vision problems, you should certainly consult with an eye doctor to find out what kind of vision problems you are experiencing. Going to the eye doctor is not like going to see your dentist. You do not have to worry about anyone drilling holes in your teeth. So, the visit to the eye doctor is not going to painful like a trip to the dentist can be.

Your eye doctor will give you an eye test and diagnose you or not diagnose you with something after your eye exam. If you find out you need eyeglasses, you were diagnosed with some type of refractive error.

So, What Does Your Eyeglass Prescription Mean

What does this mean for your eyes? It means you will not always be able to focus when you are looking at something, and it can mean some of the things you are looking at will seem blurry.

After you have been given an eye exam, your eye doctor will give you a piece of paper. On that paper, you will sheet a chart that is filled with plenty of numbers that you probably do not recognize. Understanding your prescription can certainly be a challenging task to accomplish because you do not really know what it is you are looking for.

You probably saw your optometrist write down a bunch of numbers and abbreviations on a piece of paper, but the whole time you were wondering what in the world can all of this mean.

In order for you to understand your eyeglass prescription, you will need to know what OS means and what OD means. OS stands for Oculus Sinister and OD stands for Oculus Dexter.

Some of the abbreviations you may have seen on your prescription are listed below:

  • OD is your right eye
  • OS is your left eye
  • RE is your right eye
  • LE is your left eye
  • OU means both eyes

Your eyesight’s strength will be represented with SPH, which is an abbreviation for the sphere. If there is a plus sign beside the SPH abbreviation on your prescription card, it means you are farsighted. If there is a negative sign next to the SPH abbreviation, it means you are nearsighted,

Eyeglasses may not always be the price you hope, but when you can understand the prescription you have been given, you will have a better understanding of why you need the eyeglasses you have been recommended. If you have a strong lens, your price will be higher.

When you need add-ons or adjustments, the price will be more. However, you need eyeglasses in order to see if you have been diagnosed with a refractive error. You can look at eyeglasses as an investment.

When you buy your eyeglasses, you will be able to enjoy all of your activities and you will be able to see the beauties. Contact us today for additional information on reading your eyeglass prescription.

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