Making Sense of Tints for Your Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Lens tints are available in several colors. Many people choose a color on the basis of its visual appeal such as whether it is a favorite color or how well it coordinates with their hair or clothing. However, these different lens colors also affect your vision in different ways. If you are a sports enthusiast, the right color choice can enhance your performance. The right lens color choice also improves your performance in ordinary activities such as driving. In addition, it increases your enjoyment of any outdoor activity.

The color you choose will depend on the lighting conditions typical for your sport or activity. Generally speaking, the color of your lens will affect overall brightness, color perception, and contrast perception.

Tints for Brightness and Glare Reduction

The iris compensates for bright light by contracting, which reduces the light that can enter the eye. However, it can only contract so much. After this, the eye squints to block out more light. This causes headache and eye strain. Glare occurs when there is an extreme difference in brightness between external objects or sources of light. Glare interferes with the eye and brain’s ability to form a clear visual image.

You can correct the problems of intense brightness and glare by selecting the right tint for your Nike prescription sunglasses. The darkest shades of general purpose tints such as gray and green are highly effective at cutting down the amount of light that reaches the eyes.


This reduces glare and prevents eye fatigue and headache in brightly lit settings such as the beach, snowy areas, or boating in bright sunshine. Lighter shades of these two colors work well in situations with moderate brightness. Gray tint has the added advantage of allowing true color perception, an important feature when driving.

Tints for Contrast

Without contrast, you could not distinguish between separate objects or features. Our contrast perception is often compromised by poor lighting conditions. However, tints are available that overcome this problem. Tints such as brown, copper, amber, blue, yellow, vermilion, rose, gold, red, and orange are effective at increasing contrast. The contrast enhancement of each color will depend on specific environmental conditions. Yellow for instance, works well in fog and haze, as well as on cloudy, overcast days.

Vermilion, rose, brown, copper, orange, and amber block out blue light. This makes it easier to see objects against blue backgrounds such as the sky. They are useful for tracking baseballs, footballs, and golf balls against the sky. Hunters can easily see flying birds, and better practice their aim when shooting at skeet. Vermilion, rose, and amber also provide contrast against green backgrounds, which is useful for golf and baseball.

Depth Perception

Judging the distance of objects or features away from you requires depth perception. Selecting the right colored tint for your Nike prescription sunglasses enhances this important ability. The yellow to brown range of colors such as amber, gold, yellow, and brown, improve depth perception. This is important in sports requiring striking and/or catching balls such as baseball, football, racquetball, and golf. This is also useful for important daily activities such as driving.

Nike Brazen Fury in Matte Black Frame with Field Tint Lens Angled to the Left Side

The multitude of available tint colors can make their selection a confusing and difficult process. To make matters worse, many of the properties of the various tints overlap. This means that more than one tint color will do a good job for a particular sporting or everyday activity. When this happens, feel free to make your selection on the basis of aesthetic appeal. That is part of the fun of buying Nike prescription sunglasses.

The above information should give you a better grasp of tint colors and allow you to make a better purchasing decision. But if you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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